Matchmaker: Li Zongwei needs to come back in September or his Olympic dream will hang in the balance.

 Matchmaker: Li Zongwei needs to come back in September or his Olympic dream will hang in the balance.

After the Indonesian Open in July last year, Lee Zongwei, the legend of badminton in Malaysia, began the treatment and rehabilitation course after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer after examination, and applied for world ranking protection during the period.

He had planned to return to defend his title at last weeks Malaysian Open, but failed to get permission from the medical team because ranking protection lasted only half a year, losing points from last years Dama Open, and his latest world ranking announced yesterday by the Badminton Federation plunged 33 places to 77.

Li Zongweis chances of participating in this months Asian Championship and next months Sudiman Cup are also not very optimistic, so when the Tokyo Olympic integral period begins on May 1, his ranking is expected to fall beyond 100.

In response to a query by the New Straits Times, the World Badminton Federation said that according to the rules of the Badminton Federation, Li Zongwei had to return within one year to apply for ranking protection in order to be effective. If he could return within six months, then the third ranking in the world at that time would not be affected.

As ranking protection is based on the first recognized event of the World Badminton Federation, in the case of Li Zongwei, if he comes back before September 15, he can also enjoy ranking protection for half a year. The Chinese Taipei Open, scheduled for September 3-8 this year, is the deadline for Li Zongweis return. Otherwise, with the decline of ranking, he will be able to participate in fewer and fewer Olympic points competitions. u3002 Because if he does not return before September 15, his ranking will be zero and he will have to start again.

The other problem Li Zongwei faces is that he must surpass the other mens singles ranked before him, namely Li Zijia (23), Liu Guolun (25), Zhang Weifeng (51), Su Dezhi (71), Zhan Junwei (75) and Song Junyang (76).

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, responsible editor of China Daily