The bus driver was kicked by the female passenger who had waited one minute longer at the station.

 The bus driver was kicked by the female passenger who had waited one minute longer at the station.

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The bus driver was kicked by the female passenger who had eaten the red light for one more minute at the station (Source: ~)

It is perfectly normal for buses to stop at various stations for passengers to get on and off, but in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, a female passenger kicked the bus driver because of this.

A woman passenger and bus driver had a dispute, and then began to curse, the more the female passenger cursed, the more excited, actually kicked the drivers arm. Seeing this, a passenger on the bus rushed forward to persuade him, but the two sides were still in dispute.

After the female driver kicked the driver, the bus driver alerted the police, and the conversation on the spot seemed to explain the cause of the incident.

Originally, when the No. 6 bus passed the Ironman Memorial Station on the day of the accident, the driver stopped at the station for a little longer, which aroused the disgust of female passengers, and then the police rushed to the bus.

Just because the driver waited at the station for an extra minute, the bus left the station and caught the red light again, the lady could not sit down. As for the matter of waiting one minute more, Master Bai, the bus driver at that time, also said that he had a reason to do so.

Later, the two sides were taken to Longnan Public Security Bureau for further information. According to the staff of Dongfeng Branch of Daqing Oilfield Bus Company, the woman paid for her wayward behavior and was sentenced to administrative detention by public security organs for 3 days.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310