The 600,000 inheritance left by the old man who picked up wastes is not inherited or will be owned by the state.

 The 600,000 inheritance left by the old man who picked up wastes is not inherited or will be owned by the state.

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Waste collector 600,000 yuan inheritance? Brothers and sisters can not prove kinship (source:)

The old solitary man fainted on the roadside when he went out to collect waste, and was sent to the hospital for first aid at the rescue station. After nearly three months of coma in the ICU, the old man died unfortunately. Because the old man is unmarried and has no children, only one brother and one sister have not been with each other for many years. After the death of the old man, not only nobody cares about the aftermath, but also the 600,000 yuan inheritance remains deadlocked.

At noon on April 10, after many times of coordination and communication in the community, relatives of the elderly finally came forward to discuss related matters. Nobody expected that another problem appeared at this time: relatives could not prove their blood relationship with the elderly, hospitals could not issue death certificates, the remains of the elderly are still stored in hospitals, and the disposal of heritage is stranded.

A monthly pension of more than 3600 yuan

The old man lives by picking up waste.

The old man, named Zeng Weiqi, is 83 years old. He lived alone in 23 blocks of No. 136 Xujiang Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City. Liu Ruiju, the stationmaster of Xujiang Community Workstation in Canglang Street, Gusu District, Suzhou, said that the elderly, who had lived in 23 garages for more than 20 years, was an orphan and widowed old man without children. There is a brother and a sister who may have contradictions with their families before they die. The elderly do not interact with their families, and they have always lived alone.

Elderly Residential Quarter

At noon on April 10, Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu came to the old mans residential area and saw that the garage door was locked and there was a small tricycle parked in the corridor for picking up waste in his lifetime.

The old mans tricycle

In fact, after his retirement, Zeng Weiqi had a pension of about 3600 yuan a month, but he spent his whole year picking up waste articles, such as plastic bottles, cardboard, broken copper and iron, and piled up the garage. Zhou Yaobin, deputy director of the Industrial Committee of No. 136 Xujiang Road District, said that Zeng Weiqis only furniture was a bed. The house he lived in was not small. It was about 40 square meters. But because it was full of sundries, he had to crawl in and out of the sundries every time he slept. It was a good person, but his temper was a little strange, recalled Zhou Yaobin.

Nearby residents were shocked to learn that the old man died. According to neighbors, Zeng Weiqi has been extremely frugal for many years. He eats leftovers from nearby restaurants every day, and uses water from the river next to the community. Ms. Zou, who lives in 26 buildings, told Ziniu News: There is no water and no electricity at home. In the evening, he will move a stove to the door to cook. All he cooks is leftovers. We often advise him not to eat these. Its bad for his health, but hes not sick. I didnt expect to leave so soon. Another resident said that his family often served a bowl of food to Zeng Weiqi, and he always thanked him.

Falling unconscious was rushed to hospital for rescue

Tossing to get in touch with family members, but refused to show up.

Older, living alone and living by picking up waste are dangerous. He is the focus of our attention in peacetime, Xujiang community staff told Ziniu News, We will ask security guards almost every three or five times, whether we see Zeng Weiqi in or out, and we are very concerned about his daily whereabouts.

The accident happened in early January this year when Zeng Weiqis neighbours came to Xujiang community to reflect that no one had seen Zeng Weiqi for several days. Community workers immediately went to his residence to look for, opened the door and found no one in the room, after two days of search fruitless, the community to the police station in the jurisdiction.

In fact, while the community is looking for Zeng Weiqi everywhere, some people are eager to contact the community. On January 14, the Xujiang community received a call from the relief station. It was learned that Zeng Weiqi accidentally fell down from a tricycle while picking up waste. He fell into a coma and was rushed to the Northern District of Suzhou Municipal Hospital for rescue. Zeng Weiqi had no contact information at that time. The only clue was that he carried a bus card with him. The rescue station and the police searched through the bus card to find the place where the old mans household registration was located.

Buildings inhabited by the elderly

After admission, Zeng Weiqi was in a coma in ICU because of lung infection, kidney and liver failure. Considering the illness of the elderly living alone can not be neglected, and Zeng Weiqi in the Xujiang community registration materials have no way of contact with relatives, but under the reluctance, the Xujiang community had to contact the media to initiate the search. Soon, the community received information from insiders that Zeng Weiqi had a brother in Suzhou. Later, with the help of Canglang police station, Xujiang community contacted Zeng Weida, Zeng Weiqis younger brother, and learned that Zeng Weiqi had another sister in Zhejiang. Unfortunately, for various reasons, relatives are reluctant to come to deal with the hospitalization of the elderly.

Faced with this difficult situation, Xujiang community staff on the one hand continue to actively communicate with Zeng Weiqis family, on the other hand, to supplement the medical insurance card for the elderly, to solve the cost of his follow-up treatment in the hospital. On February 15, the Medical Department of North District of Suzhou Municipal Hospital called Xujiang Community to inform Zeng Wei that he spent 300,000 yuan on ICU treatment for more than a month. After the settlement of medical insurance, 60,000 yuan of self-payment was used as arrears. It is hoped that the community will coordinate the treatment as soon as possible. Since then, community workers have contacted Zeng Weiqis nephews and nieces many times, and the other side has refused to take responsibility for the matter or not to answer the phone.

The old man lies in the hospital.

Relatives come forward to deal with the matter.

Proving blood relationship with the elderly is a difficult problem

On the morning of April 8, Zeng Weiqi died in the hospital unfortunately. Many problems such as the inheritance of more than 600,000 yuan in the name of the elderly, the arrears of 90,000 yuan in medical expenses and the collection of funeral expenses were unanswerable. According to the relevant provisions of the Inheritance Law of the Peoples Republic of China, inheritance should be legal inheritance. Because Zeng Wei did not make a will before his death, nor did he have a wife, children and other first-order heirs, he was inherited by the second-order heirs, brothers and sisters, and the share of property inherited by the same-order heirs should generally be equal, said Liu Lu, a lawyer at Huawei Law Firm in Jiangsu Province. As a member of a collective ownership organization, the inheritance belongs to the collective ownership organization in which it belongs.

At noon on April 10, Zeng Weiqis younger brother, sister, nephew and niece finally came to Xujiang community to discuss and deal with the matter after Zeng Weiqis death. Zeng Weiqis niece told Ziniu News that her uncle had little contact with them in her lifetime. She only heard her father, aunt and uncle talk on the phone, but without saying a few words, they quarreled, and had not seen each other for many years. Zeng Weiqis niece and son-in-law said that the remains of the elderly were still stored in hospitals. According to the customs and customs of Suzhou, funerals were to take place three days after their death. It was imperative to find proof of the relationship between relatives and the elderly. The difficulty is that Zeng Weiqi was separated from his brothers and sisters when he was young, and did not have much contact with them when he was an adult. He lived a long time apart. Documents such as registered permanent residence books and worksheets can prove the blood relationship between brothers and sisters, but they can not be traced.

Canglang Police Station in Gusu District suggests that we can go to the archives to find out the worksheets of Zeng Weiqis father, Zeng Weiqi himself and his brothers and sisters before they retire, see if there are registered family members, find this material, and then we can go to the notary office to issue relevant relatives certificates and deal with the follow-up matters of Zeng Weiqi.

Old mans nephew son-in-law and stationmaster Liu Ruiju consulted related matters

Zeng Weiqis niece and son-in-law said: Because of the old mans life and father-in-laws tangle, leading to the failure to deal with the elderly in time, to the community has caused a lot of trouble, thanks to the community and staff of all parties for their efforts, follow-up, we will issue proof as soon as possible to deal with the elderlys aftermath. Up to the time of press release, Zeng Weiqis relatives have gone to the elderlys home to search for relevant information, rushing to deal with Zeng Weiqis funeral, heritage disposal and so on.

Station Master Liu Ruiju and Old Mans niece

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Yangtze Evening News Network: Youyuan Garden_NO4712