The woman was sentenced to nine monthsimprisonment for abandoning her newborn baby in a hotel

 The woman was sentenced to nine monthsimprisonment for abandoning her newborn baby in a hotel

At noon on February 7, 2018, the public security organ received the alarm from the landlady of a hotel in Changshu, saying that at about 12:10 p.m., she went to room 307 to check out because she found that the guest in room 307 had not checked out. No one answered the knock. She opened the door with a key and found a new baby lying on the ground with a lot of blood. The police sent the baby to the hospital for rescue and observation, and listed Wu Mouhua, a suspect registered in room 307, as a charge.

At about 1 p.m. on the day of the incident, the baby was taken to the hospital. According to the doctors description, the baby weighed 2.9 kilograms and delivered to the body temperature less than 35 degrees Celsius. The thermometer could not be measured, the heart rate was low, and there was no trauma on the body. However, it was difficult to breathe, sputum in the throat and high blood sugar. Considering pneumonia and neonatal cold injury syndrome, it was life-threatening. After several days of observation, the baby recovered.

On March 2, Changshu Municipal Public Security Bureau and Changshu Childrens Welfare Hospital signed an agreement on the surrogate care of a suspected abandoned baby, which is temporarily taken care of by Changshu Childrens Welfare Hospital. On April 15, the police arrested the suspect Wu Mouhua. After the case, Wu Mouhua truthfully confessed his criminal facts. According to Wu Mouhuas statement, she has married and had two children in her hometown of Sichuan. Then she came to Changshu to work alone. She worked in a nightclub. The baby was born to a male netizen. Now she has no contact with the man and does not know his real name. On the day of birth, she felt a stomachache and went to the toilet. Then she gave birth to the baby. She put the bath towel on the floor, put the baby on the bath towel, cut the umbilical cord with scissors and left in a hurry.

The court held that the defendant Wu Mouhua, who was young and had no ability to live independently, was obliged to support and refused to support. The circumstances were bad, and his behavior constituted the crime of abandonment. According to the relevant sentencing circumstances, the defendant Wu Mouhua was sentenced to nine monthsimprisonment.