Even bigger than black holes is the fact that photos of black holes in brain holes have been published and spoiled by global netizens.

 Even bigger than black holes is the fact that photos of black holes in brain holes have been published and spoiled by global netizens.

At about 9 p.m. Beijing time on April 10, the first black hole photograph in human history unveiled the mystery.

_The First Black Hole Photo in Human History

However, the black hole probably didnt realize that its photos were quickly spoiled by global netizens.u2014u2014

Exclusive: I took the first black hole picture in a minute.

Black holes are actually Solons eyes! (Stem of Lord of the Rings)

Does anyone like bagels?

The toothless classmate of Dragon Trainer also appeared.

Program ape: We received a message from a black hole (Hello? World in the code!) It is the most basic program of computer programming language.

American netizens have not forgotten Einstein and Hawking: Thank you very much for your work and efforts, the world will never forget you.

And to Japanese netizens, the painting style is different.

Japanese netizens followed the current hot spot, releasing the obstruction of Japanese Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiweis announcement of the New Years Order and Harmony.

_Japanese netizens released the stem of Japanese Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiweis announcement of the New Years Order and Harmony.

However, when it comes to map modification, our Chinese netizens are certainly not willing to show weakness.u2014u2014

The stem of the Lord of the Rings also appeared.

A group of netizens began to ask for the pupil number of the black hole...

_DOTA2 players said that the picture had already been seen.

Black hole expression packs with special effects of fog and haze have also come out.

Looking at the other side, our compatriots in Taiwan have also opened up a path of spoofing.

It is said that black holes are used to warm the little sun.

There are socks to be found in the black hole.

_This black hole mapping is also heart-wrenching...

Black Hole: Blame me me?

Black hole expression pack collectively on line:

Eating pie

To be careful

Song Jiayin, Client Reporter of Beijing Daily

Selling Meng School

To be careful

Hello to you from the puppy black hole

Song Jiayin, Client Reporter of Beijing Daily


To be careful

Hello, Im Solons Eye.

I saw you


To be careful

Is this a galaxy sketch?

Practical school

To be careful

A black hole in the distance and a heater in the near

Cosmos brand honeycomb coal

Anime school

To be careful

Others forced black holes to play.

Nazar and Superman Dija came out

It deserves to be an international event.

The policemen cant sit down!

To be careful

Dont forget the warm reminder

To be careful

Fire fighting has also been launched! ____________

To be careful

CCTV News has come to an end.

To be careful

Designers come to join in the fun

To be careful

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First Black Hole Photo or Nobel Prize

The first picture of a black hole is as important as the discovery of gravitational waves. It is a test of general relativity and may win the Nobel Prize. Yuan Feng, deputy director of the Shanghai Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with Shangguan Journalist, Liberation Daily.

Whats the difficulty of photographing black holes?

The difficulty of photographing black holes can be described in three words in the eyes of experts involved in the grand scientific project: small, dark, disturbance: too small details, too dark signals, too much interference. A black hole is so far away that looking for it is like looking at an orange on the moon from the earth. The telescope needed is beyond imagination. Moreover, the telescope needs to be sensitive enough to see extremely small details.

How did the black hole photos develop?

The black hole itself does not emit light, but the surrounding gas emits light. Its like composing notes of different frequencies into music, just measuring the components of black holes of different frequencies, we can reconstruct the restored image.

Why did it take so long to develop black hole photos?

This is mainly to ensure the authenticity and reliability of photographs, to get an undoubted result, so it takes a lot of time to compare and analyze.

In addition, the massive data recorded by telescopes need complex post-processing and analysis to obtain the final black hole image. Taking April 2017 as an example, the data rate of each station reaches an astonishing 32GB/s. During the five-day observation period, 8 stations recorded about 3500TB data. Experts say it will take at least 500 years to see the data if you watch it like a movie without interruption.

What is the meaning of black hole images?

In addition to helping us directly confirm the existence of black holes, this direct imaging also validates Einsteins general theory of relativity by simulating observations.

Another important point is that scientists can limit the mass of a central black hole by the size of its shadow. This time, an independent measurement of the mass of the black hole at the center of M87 is made. Previously, precise measurements of black hole mass were very complex.

With the addition of more telescopes in the future, we hope to see more and more details around the black hole, so as to better understand the gas movement around the black hole, distinguish the generation and clustering mechanism of jet, and improve our understanding of galaxy evolution.

Thank the scientists for their efforts.

Including these Chinese__

On April 10, 2019, on the third floor of the Astronomical Building of the Shanghai Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 10 scientists who participated in the first black hole photography project of human beings came to the scene. A total of 16 scientists from China participated in the project. In this observation, Chinese scientists have operated the EHT telescope, which contributes to observation and data analysis. Many Chinese scientists regularly discuss and analyze the observation results. Peng Mei Journalist? Yang Fan? Photograph

Source: Responsible Editor of Beijing Daily: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310