The F35 crash has put Japan under pressure: 8.8 billion dollars was supposed to be the main force

 The F35 crash has put Japan under pressure: 8.8 billion dollars was supposed to be the main force

F35A fighter plane crashed (JASDF)

Overseas Network, April 11 - 9 evening, the worlds first F35A crash occurred in Japan. Japan wanted to regard F35 as the main fighter in the future, and the F-35A was described by Japanese media as the latest sharp stealth fighter. The crash made Japan feel a deep sense of crisis.

According to previous Japanese media reports, a F35A fighter plane of Japan Air Self-Defense Force Sanze Base (Aomori Prefecture) disappeared from radar on the evening of 9 th. On the morning of October 10, Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya held an emergency press conference to confirm the crash of the lost joint fighter, and said that the tail wing of the fighter was found in the waters around Aomori Prefecture and was being recovered. This is Japan and the first F35A crash in the world. At present, Japans Ministry of Defense has set up an accident investigation committee, which is stepping up to identify the causes.

Japanese media reported that Japan would buy F35 fighter aircraft (Asahi TV)

The F35 is Japans most promising main fighter. By the end of 2018, Japan has decided to purchase F35 fighters from the United States at a cost of more than 1 trillion yen ($8.81 billion). If the crash accident investigation finds that this type of aircraft has defects in the body structure, it will put Japan into a very troublesome situation, and even affect the whole Japanese air defense system. This makes Japan feel a deep sense of crisis.

Iwata answers questions from reporters (Japanese TV)

Its more important to find out the cause of the accident now than anything else, Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya said Sunday, looking sad in front of a press corps in the Ministry of Defense.

The F35 is a U.S. -based research and development model involving nine countries. At the end of 2018, the Japanese government said that if some of the existing F15 fighters in Japan had some difficulties in retrofitting and repairing, it decided to replace them with F35 fighters. Japan also announced plans to equip 105 F35A fighters and 42 F35B fighters. Once in operation, the Air Force Self-Defense Force will own more than 40% of all F35 fighters.

Maritime Security Patrol Ship Searching for Falling Fighter Aircraft (Japan Television)

Japanese media said that if the crash was identified as a major component of the aircraft, it might cause the aircraft to stop flying around the world, and Japan would not be able to equip the aircraft as planned.

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