The baby of Harry Megan, a new member of the British Royal family, may be called this name.

 The baby of Harry Megan, a new member of the British Royal family, may be called this name.

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Overseas Network, April 11 - The British Royal Family will welcome new members at the end of April. Kensington Palace announced Princess Megans pregnancy in October last year. As the expected date of delivery approached, more attention was paid to the upcoming new members of the Royal family. The childrens name and gender were the focus of attention.

According to CNN, the British royal family does not formally regulate the naming of new members, but according to past practice, members of the royal family tend to choose the names of their ancestors to pay tribute to their ancestors. From the names of Prince William and Princess Kates three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, the British royal family seems to prefer traditional and classical names.

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Britains gambling industry also offers odds on childrens names. At present, Diana (the name of Harrys mother) and Victoria (the name of Harrys great-great-grandmother) are the most popular Princess names; Arthur, Edward and Philip (the name of Harrys grandfather) are the most popular Prince names.

In addition, members of the royal family usually prefer to use the name of their grandparents as the middle name. It is speculated that if a girl is a girl, the middle name is likely to be the name of Elizabeth or Doria, or the name of Megans mother. For boys, members of the royal family usually use Arthur and George. E), Albert, David and Charles (the name of Harrys father).

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Harry and Megans child will be the seventh in line to the throne, and the title of the child after birth is also a topic of concern. Relevant people believe that the Royal baby may follow Harrys title, the boy is Earlof Dumbarton, the girl is Lady Sussex, and another possibility is that Harry and Megan decided not to give the title to the child.

So when will the Royal babys name be announced? Generally speaking, the Queen will be the first person to know the name of the newborn, and British Prime Minister Teresa May, all Commonwealth leaders, members of the royal family and Megans family will be notified.

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If Megan produces in the middle of the night, in order to avoid disturbing everyone, the news will be blocked until it is officially announced the next morning. Traditionally, the names of new members of the royal family will be published on the easels of Buckingham Palace and officially announced to the public.

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