Three CXOs quit their jobs and restart senior management rotation. The personnel storm in Jingdong is not over yet.

 Three CXOs quit their jobs and restart senior management rotation. The personnel storm in Jingdong is not over yet.

Brief introduction: At present, it is certain that the personnel storm in Jingdong is far from over, and Liu Qiangdong this time is enough to kill decisively.

Actively or passively, Jingdong is now at the centre of a collective optimization storm by Internet giants. The point is that the situation is getting worse.

Within a month, after successive announcements of the departure of three CXO-level executives, Jingdong launched a rotation plan for core executives.

On the evening of April 9, Jingdong announced that it had begun to implement the rotation plan for core executives. Wang Xiaosong and Hu Shengli, who used to be feudal officials in the business of Jingdong Mall, would be transferred to other posts.

Before that, Zhang Chen, Chief Technical Officer, and Lungyu, Chief Justice Officer, announced their departure on March 15 and 19 respectively, while Lanye, Executive Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer of Jingdong Group, announced their departure on April 4.

Compared with three CXOs in one month, in the business priority of Jingdong, the transfer of Wang Xiaosong and Hu Shengli who are in charge of business is actually more worth pondering.

You know, among the three recent CXOs who have left office, BlueYe has been marginalized before. In the second half of 2015, Lanye was transferred to CPO from CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), who holds great power. Since then, he has seldom made public appearances.

As a classmate of Liu Qiangdongs Central European Business School, Longyu held two major sections of human and legal affairs in Jingdong before, but the point of view of the departed staff in Jingdong is that within Jingdong, the business departments have the right to speak, and the positions of human resources and so on are relatively empty, so the departure of Lanye and Longyu has little impact on Jingdong.

Former CTO Zhang Chens departure also paved the way.

When Pei Jian, a former chief scientist of Huawei, entered Beijing in January 2018, Zhang Chens position as CTO was a bit awkward. Therefore, Zhang Chens resignation is also generally interpreted as not being reused in the east of Beijing.

However, as a new technology signboard of Jingdong after Zhang Chen, Pei Jian announced that he could not work full-time for family reasons, and would continue to work part-time in data-related work of Jingdong Group in the future.

The first financial reporter learned from the inside of Jingdong that compared with the previous CXOs who left their jobs for family reasons, Pei Keens job change is probably due to family reasons.

Whether its Longyu, Zhang Chen or Pei Jian, these executives are regarded as outsiders in East Beijing. The special feature of Wang Xiaosong and Hu Shengli, who were transferred to posts, was that they had fought with Liu Qiangdong before.

Wang Xiaosong, who has been in Beijing for more than ten years, was the youngest VP in Beijing. According to public information, Wang Xiaosong had previously been the head of Beijing East 3C Business Department, Fresh Business Department and Dafa Xiaoxue Business Group. And the 7FRESH project in Jingdong has been under the responsibility of Wang Xiaosong.

In January 2018, Liu Qiangdong published an internal letter adjusting the structure of Jingdong Mall.

At that time, the organizational structure of Jingdong Mall was dominated by three major business groups. Liu Qiangdong announces that Beijing East Mall will set up Dafaixiao Business Group, Electronic Entertainment Business Group and Fashion Life Business Group. Wang Xiaosong, Yan Xiaobing and Hu Shengli will be appointed president of the three business groups and promoted to senior vice president of Beijing East Group.

The transfer of Wang Xiaosong and Hu Shengli meant that the two generals in the three previous organizational structures had been removed.

However, Wang Xiaosongs adjustment of Posts has a precursor.

On the evening of December 21, 2018, Jingdong issued an internal letter announcing the new organizational structure of Jingdong Mall. The biggest change in this structure is to divide it into front, middle and back.

For the above adjustment, the reason given by Jingdong in its internal letter is that in order to meet new challenges and changes, Jingdong needs a more agile and flexible response mechanism.

This time, the original three business groups were split into the front desk and the middle desk business.

Among them, 7FRESH, the pooling business of location-based social e-commerce and unbounded retail, is placed in the front desk. The new business group is adjusted according to the business model and business scenario: 3C electronics and consumer goods retail business group is established to strengthen the core competitiveness of self-supporting categories, including 3C household appliances, consumer goods, global purchasing and other businesses, and Yan Xiaobing is appointed as the group leader. Establish a fashion home platform business group, focusing on POP open platform-based category development, including fashion, cosmetics, Toplife and other businesses, appointed Hu Shengli as the leader of the business group. Establish a life service business group, focusing on the development of life service business and virtual business, including student travel, auction and other virtual, O2 O related business, and appoint Sinli Jun as the group leader.

With the division of Dafaixiao Business Group, Wang Xiaosongs position returned to 7FRESH and Fresh Business Department from the head of Dafaixiao Business Group. For being downgraded, Jingdong also disclosed the news that Wang Xiaosong would be appointed at that time.

Compared with Wang Xiaosongs gradual adjustment, Hu Shenglis transfer came quite suddenly. After all, last year Jingdongs action in fashion home business was not small. Last year, after Hu Shengli or Xu Lei, the top executives of Jingdong Mall had a relatively high rate of appearance.

From CXO to real executives, Jingdongs latest series of adjustments have also made it impossible for outsiders to understand.

In fact, many employees in Jingdong are confused about the current optimization.

Only Lao Liu (Liu Qiangdong) knows what to change. An insider in Jingdong disclosed that no matter internal optimization or departmental adjustment, employees are notified of how to adjust, so far the company has not announced a clear plan.

At present, it is certain that the personnel storm in Jingdong is far from over, and Liu Qiangdong this time is enough to kill decisively.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056