US Media: Chinas failure to read ships or display new submarines is a US loss

 US Media: Chinas failure to read ships or display new submarines is a US loss

US Diplomatic Scholars website April 9 article, the original topic: The United States to China hawks, China invites the United States to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy. At present, about 60 countries will participate, 12 countries send warships, including American allies such as France, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. But the U.S. State Department opposes participation, saying it helps to enhance Beijings international status. Zhang Baohui, director of the Asia-Pacific Research Center of Lingnan University in Hong Kong, said that the U.S. decision was clearly a sign of a stronger U.S. policy toward China. In the past, the United States wanted stable military exchanges between the two countries... Now, the Trump government regards China as a strategic competitor, and its policy has changed from contact to competition. In this context, confidence-building is left behind.

Combining this US attitude with the possible sale of F-16 fighter planes to Taiwan, China and the world clearly see the direction of Washington. A series of hawkish comments and suggestions were made by those who advocated the tough U.S. policy toward China. The campaign now slides the pointer of U.S. -China relations into a more dangerous area.

The latest warning came from Xie Shuli, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific Affairs. She warned that there is a group mentality in the United States and there are various forms of overreaction to China, such as security threats, intelligence threats, spy threats, technological threats and influence threats. This mentality is taking us to the cliff.

Both the United States and China have extremists. But the difference is that Chinas main warring factions have so far had no impact on Beijings policies, while American extremists have turned Washingtons position from engagement to tough strategic competition.

Instead of participating in the Chinese navys decision to read ships, the United States may have suffered its own losses. At that time, China is expected to display a new type of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Americas failure to participate is tantamount to giving up the opportunity to show off its more advanced military capabilities to deter potential rivals and to discover their weaknesses at close range. This is obviously a self-destructive practice of cutting off your nose when you are angry with others. But as this Trump-style confrontational policy toward China continues, there may be more similar things in the future. (Translated by Mark Valencia, Chen Junan)

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