US media speculate that the reverse replication of F35 wreckage by China and Russia will become a nightmare for the United States

 US media speculate that the reverse replication of F35 wreckage by China and Russia will become a nightmare for the United States

[Global Times comprehensive report] Japans Ministry of Defense confirmed on October 10 that the F-35 stealth fighter plane missing during training over the Pacific Ocean east of Japan the previous night had crashed. At present, Japan and the United States are searching for pilots and the wreckage of the aircraft. For the crash of the latest American fighter plane assembled by Japan and deployed just more than 10 days ago, the US media did not seriously ponder the cause of its crash, but hyped that China and Russia might take the lead in finding the wreckage or some debris of the fighter plane, thus losing the advantage of the US and Japans air force. Fox News even assumed that on the bottom of the F-35s sunken Pacific Ocean, we may see the largest underwater espionage and anti-espionage contest since the cold war. In response, several Chinese military experts said in an interview with the Global Times on the 10th that such a statement to exaggerate the Sino-Russian threat is totally nonsense and very irresponsible.

F-35A fighter aircraft equipped at Japans Sanzawa base

Reuters said the crashed fighter was the first F-35A aircraft assembled in Japan. The F-35A, assembled by Japan, is worth more than 14 billion yen ($126 million), much more than it was purchased directly from the United States. A spokesman for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which assembled the aircraft, said the company had no comment on the matter. Reported that this is the worlds first F-35A crash, last September, a U.S. Marine F-35B fighter plane crashed in South Carolina.

Nine U.S. Marine F-35B crashes last year

CNN said the crashed fighter was one of 13 F-35 fighter planes in Japan, which had just formed its first F-35 squadron 11 days ago. At present, the remaining 12 F-35A aircraft in Japan have been grounded. Reported that the F-35 stealth fighter is the most advanced fighter in the world, there are currently three types: F-35A for the air force; F-35B for short-range vertical takeoff and landing model; F-35C is a carrier-based aircraft for ejection takeoff. Japan is the largest customer of F-35 fighters outside the United States, after Japan announced that it would buy a total of 105 F-35A fighters. Japan will also buy 42 F-35B aircraft carriers for Japans Cloud helicopter, making them real aircraft carriers. After deployment, Japan will have a carrier for the first time after World War II. In addition, in the Pacific region, South Korea and Australia have also purchased and deployed F-35 fighters. According to CNN, the F-35s advanced information network warfare capability enables seamless integration among users and is a powerful rival to Chinas ever-increasing J-20 and J-31 stealth fighters.

If the missing Japanese F-35 falls into the hands of Russia or the Chinese, it will bring major security problems to the United States. Fox News, which President Trump called a daily must-see, quickly turned the focus of the incident to the Sino-Russian threat on September 9. The F-35 is the most expensive weapon system in U.S. military history because of its state-of-the-art technology and weapon systems. Former U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee official Moore said: For China and Russia, to get the missing F-35 fighter, the cost can not be too high. Its a big business. Reported that Russia and China maintained a strong naval presence in the missing sea area of the fighter plane, which aggravated the concerns of the United States.

In addition to Japan, the Korean Air Force recently delivered the first two F-35A fighters.

The U.S. insider website said that the Japanese F-35 crashed in the Pacific Ocean, the first opportunity for Russia and China to search for the aircraft in international waters, after the first F-35 crash in the United States. Both China and Russia have excellent reverse engineering replication technology, especially China is a master in this field, retired Air Force Lieutenant General De Putula told the website. To some extent, reverse engineering allows Russia and China to make their own version of the F-35, the report said. Any part of the F-35 salvaged by Russia or China represents a security nightmare for the United States.

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