Shenzhens way of breaking through Guangdong needs to carry out Section IV to the end

 Shenzhens way of breaking through Guangdong needs to carry out Section IV to the end

Shenzhen team player Shen Zijie (second right) celebrated after the team scored.

Drawing lessons from the first game, Shenzhen team did not make a big mistake in the opening stage of the game last night, but the Guangdong team, as always sharp fast break, as well as the rotation of two foreign aid MaShan Brooks and Wilms, the team was pulled 10 points in the first quarter. In the following two competitions, Shenzhen team implemented the four-character formula of stick-to-stick and did not make much progress in its own attack, nor could it comfortably let its opponents score. Even if Li Muhao left early because of injury, even if he entered the fourth quarter with 18 points, everyone in the team did not lose hope.

In the fourth quarter, Shenzhen Team finally caught the flaw of Guangdong Team. Previously, the continuous rapid counter-attack and full-court tight defense consumed too much physical strength of Guangdong players, which made their hit rate begin to decline, and the speed of return defense is also slower and slower. At this time, Shenzhen Team used the switching attacking skills of Guangdong Team to catch the Guangdong Team by surprise. First, it hit a wave of 14-0 climax, and even leveled the score to 112 with 1:36 seconds remaining in the game. Only at the last moment, it failed to grasp the opportunity. When Wang Jianjun mentioned the arrangement of this festival after the match, he said, That is to tell the players to speed up and firmly grasp the counter-attack. Everyone dares to deal with the ball. Everyones confidence comes out.

In fact, switching offense has always been the foundation of Shenzhen Mens Basketball Team. The young players in the team grew rapidly in this system, and now they can break their wrists with the top teams of CBA. Shenzhen mens basketball domestic players also played well in this match. Shen Zijie played two pairs of 14 points and 13 rebounds, and made several dunks. He returned with 17 points and 5 rebounds. Yu Dehaos active struggle also impressed people. One data suffices to show the effectiveness of playersefforts: Guangdong teams three-point shooting rate is as low as 23% in this game. Of all the domestic players of the team, only Zhao Rui has scored three-point shooting.

Shenzhen teams foreign aid Burton, after the game, expressed great satisfaction with the teams spirit: As a member of the team, we showed our fighting style. In the next game, we want to defend our home court with the same energy. Du Feng, head coach of Guangdong Team, expressed his attitude towards the match at a press conference: From tomorrow on, young players will all refuse to interview.

Source: Responsible Editor of Shenzhen Evening News: Marbil NS4800