Fu Yuanhui: No matter how big the chest is, the tighter the swimsuit is, the better?

 Fu Yuanhui: No matter how big the chest is, the tighter the swimsuit is, the better?

In order to help athletes achieve better results, professional swimwear merchants improve the pressure resistance, structure, sensitivity and support of swimwear through wrapping material and design, so that the body becomes slightly flat and streamlined, thus reducing water resistance in swimming and allowing swimmers to swim faster.

In order to pursue the swimsuits tight effect, swimsuit must be sacrificed on elasticity. Thats why athletes can tuck swimsuits with difficulty and tightness.

The sharkskin professional swimsuit is made of a special material, which is a one-way stretching fabric. It can achieve excellent flexibility and high extrusion in specific areas.

In addition to helping the body become more streamlined and thus reduce water resistance, the high compression of swimsuits can help athletes reduce muscle vibration, avoid muscle vibration on the skin surface wrinkles, thereby affecting body fluidity, reduce ineffective energy consumption, improve explosive power, and help athletes to achieve better results.

Since the 2008 Olympic Games, all-body shark skin bathing suit broke all kinds of swimming records for Phelps and other athletes, all-body shark skin bathing suit has been strictly regulated. And shark skin is expensive, small country athletes can not afford to wear, seriously affecting the fairness of the competition, so in 2009 the whole body shark skin swimsuit was banned by the International Swimming Association.

At present, the cost of the fast swimsuit worn by professional athletes in competitions is about 3,000 yuan, and the time spent on the first wear varies from 20 minutes to an hour. And the life of this kind of swimsuit is very limited, after using 6-7 times, it can not achieve good results. Because of the laborious and inexpensive wear, athletes will basically wear ordinary swimsuits for training in their daily training.

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