Rubberneck! Yuan Hongzhang Xinyi even heard his gossip at dinner

 Rubberneck! Yuan Hongzhang Xinyi even heard his gossip at dinner

Zhang Xinyis Writing

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11 that on the evening of April 10, Zhang Xinyi published a long article about the experience of accompanying her husband back to Wuhan, accompanied by the title the same person who eats money at the end of the world. The article said that after coaxing the baby to sleep, the gap and husband slipped out to enjoy the delicious food, but unfortunately the people at the next table were talking about gossip that they did not know. Because he didnt want to destroy the mood of the gossip-teller and refute his face, he decided to eavesdrop. It was interesting that he and a girl at that table had such a fierce look in their eyes. In the moment of solidification, Zhang Xinyi took Yuan Hong and ran away. Its very funny and heartbreaking to get gossip from others, as if youve made a mistake.

Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hong

After the dynamic exposure, netizens gathered around and left messages saying, Ha ha ha ha, how cute are you and did you finally run away? I guess the girl hasnt responded yet. Why did you suddenly appear?! Interesting people meet interesting stories.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952