Wang Tangyun and his male friends wear couple costumes and Yu Wenle: so bold

 Wang Tangyun and his male friends wear couple costumes and Yu Wenle: so bold

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11 that Hong Kong actor Yu Wenle and model Sarah had been married for two years and had a baby son, Cody. After marriage, the couple often freely flashed and shared their parenting routines on IG to satisfy the curiosity of netizens. On the 10th, Wang Tangyun also shared a happy photo with his friends in IG. Unexpectedly, two people were found wearing couples clothes by their husbandseyes, and instantly became very jealous.

When Wang Tangyun became a daughter-in-law in Hong Kong, she often took her son back and forth between Taiwan and Hong Kong. On the 10th, she rarely met Wang Xinkai, her husband and wifes common friend, for dinner. It seemed that only when she met Wang Xinkai, she found that they had tacit understanding in wearing the same jacket. They happened to be black and white. So she wrote down what kind of coincidence according to the time limit of PO and IG.

Unexpectedly, Yu Wenle was very jealous after reading it. Not only did the screenshot be forwarded to his own time-limited dynamics, but also the funny word You wear couples clothes! So blatant, the text does not forget to add anger to the nostril smoke expression symbols, let people have a super picture.

Yuwenle Wang Xinkai

Wang Xinkai acted as best man of Yuwen Music

In fact, Wang Xinkai is a basketball player, and Peng Yuyan, Fan Weiqi, Chen Jianzhou and other people are good friends, he and Yu Wenle are also well-known brothers in private. They not only dress in style and physical appearance, but also have similar interests. They often meet to play basketball and surf. Yu Wenles jealousy at this joke not only shows his concern for his wife, but also reflects his good friendship with Wang Xinkai. (ETtoday)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952