Three giants have a dumb fire! Liao Media: Its hard for Lao Ha to win without recovering.

 Three giants have a dumb fire! Liao Media: Its hard for Lao Ha to win without recovering.

Our reporter Li Xiang

In his first match with Xinjiang, Hudson scored only 18 points, far below his season average. It is said that the three giants have a dumb fire, Liaoning mens basketball team is difficult to win, but the dumb fire is Hudson. If Liaoning mens basketball team does not want to accept the fate of home defeat in the 11 th match, Hudson must stand up and take over the game.

In the 9 th match, Hudson entered the match state quickly. The first two three-point shoots were all hit. However, with the strengthening of Xinjiang teams defense, his prospects were disappointed again, with only 11 three-point shoots in the whole game. Especially in the second and third sections, when the Liaoning Mens Basketball Team fell into a standstill at the offensive end and badly needed the star to come out to stop the bleeding of the team, Hudson played out every three-point shot, in exchange for a sigh on the spot. The so-called no contrast, no harm, whenever Liaoning mens basketball team to rise, pour a basin of cold water on their heads, is that only 1.75 meters of Feld. At least in the first match, Xinjiang won the match between two teams of small foreign aid.

After the game, Hudson blamed himself: When I play, I should do better and score more goals so that we can win. But in fact, the responsibility for losing is not someones pot. It should be noted that Lao Has courage in the offensive end is no longer the same. More importantly, the reason is that Han Dejun is not on the court, the inner line of Liaoning Mens Basketball Team lacks the ability to control. Xinjiang Team can safely expand its defense boldly. Hudson is difficult to find a vacant opportunity to shoot.

However, as the core of the teams offense, Hudson really needs to stand up now. In fact, Hudson can share the responsibility of defense with the domestic players and concentrate all his energy on the offensive side. For tactical reasons, it may be difficult for Hudson to get too many appearances in the fourth quarter of this series, but what he needs to do is to improve his efficiency, as he did a few years ago. Not to mention, facing the strong Xinjiang team, even if Hudson played superbly, the Liao Basketball Team could not win; but if Hudson did not play, the Liao Basketball Team would not win.

Source: Liaoning Daily Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800