The eerie scene of the Champions League: Manchester Uniteds collective disappearance in the last three minutes! The Barcelona youngster laughed helplessly.

 The eerie scene of the Champions League: Manchester Uniteds collective disappearance in the last three minutes! The Barcelona youngster laughed helplessly.

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Alenias Hardship (Source: Netease Sports)

This scene even laughed at Barcelona player Alenia. In the 88th minute, Alenia stood on the sidelines and Barcelona were ready to use him to replace Busquets with a yellow card on his back. But then the game went into Barcelonas upside-down Manchester United situation and Alenia waited four minutes on the sidelines before being replaced.

Alenia laughed at herself

Alenia looked at herself and laughed when she was not on the sidelines. When Alenia came on, it was 92 minutes and 30 seconds. Ninety seconds after playing, Alenia celebrated the victory with his teammates. Now the question is, does Alenia need a bath to go back to the dressing room?

Seeing Barcelona pour their feet endlessly, Manchester United seem to have lost their desire to play, which made the Red Devils face media criticism after the game. Zhan Jun and Zhang Lu, who broadcast the game live, couldnt even understand their voices, and even some media suspected that the two teams were playing tacit ball. Tacit ball? There will be tacit balls in the group tournament of the competition system. In the 2010 World Cup Spain against Chile and the 2018 World Cup Japan against Poland, there were tacit balls that the two sides had no intention of attacking and consuming the game time.

But in the Champions League knock-out, Manchester United have no need to play tacit football. Manchester Uniteds resignation may have been due to the fact that the slot is empty. The aim of Manchester Uniteds campaign is to make a contribution to the campaign, and the players have been scrambling for high positions since the start of the campaign. Barcelona, who is good at passing and controlling, cant even deliver the ball to the opponents half for a long time. But Manchester Uniteds crazy tactics also have the potential to run out of energy in the final stage. Barcelona slowed down at the last minute, the Red and Blues regained control of the game, while Manchester United were unable to return.

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