Barcelonas soul is perfect! Fishing defence conquered Manchester United 2.111 years later

 Barcelonas soul is perfect! Fishing defence conquered Manchester United 2.111 years later

At the end of the game, Pique had made a key tackle in the middle of the penalty area. At the moment when Marshall was about to shoot, Pique flew to the bottom line.

Speed is usually the death point of a tall centre-back, and Pique has never been better at speed. But in the opening stage, Pick won Rushford, the junior master, in the race speed. Rushford tried to run over Pique after he got the ball on the left side of the front court, and Pique quickly recovered it and passed it back to Telstegen. Pick, 32, sprinted as fast as Rushford, 21.

Picks most brilliant performance in the campaign was in the 29th minute. The referee didnt blow Smallings elbow at Messi. McTominet dribbled the ball into the left side of the penalty area and Pique went one-on-one. McTomini tried to make physical contact and then fell to the ground to order the ball, but Pique was very clever in predicting the opponents intentions. Pick stretched out his foot first, and then slowly pulled it back as McTominey tried to make contact falls. Picks fishing law enforcement made McTominet fall down voluntarily and lose control of the ball.

Manchester United fans applauded the return of Pique

Barcelonas hopes for promotion have been greatly enhanced after they won Manchester United 1-0 away from home. But in an interview after the game, Pique remained calm: Manchester United are a great club and its hard to beat them here. The opposition put a lot of pressure on us in the first half, but our defence was solid and we took our chances. Are we hot promotion? We should not be overconfident when we see Paris eliminated by Manchester United. Manchester United have the ability to reverse us and Paris has a bigger advantage in the first round than us.

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