Cai Yingwen said that he should abide by the Taiwan Relations Law and be approved: Are you an American?

 Cai Yingwen said that he should abide by the Taiwan Relations Law and be approved: Are you an American?

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] April 10 marks the 40th anniversary of the so-called Taiwan Relations Act in the United States, and Taiwan and the United States will naturally not miss this good opportunity to warm up with one another. Cai Yingwen said in a video conference with American think tanks that day that the Taiwan Relations Act ensured Taiwan to survive the darkest period safely and become a free and strong democratic society today. She also appealed to the United States for help and said, Taiwan is facing unprecedented challenges. She hoped that the United States can communicate more clearly to the world that the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party to Taiwan also threatens the free world. The Deputy expects the US to assist Taiwan in its forceful confrontation with the mainland. In a speech delivered by a spokesman for the U.S. State Department on the 9th local time, although he also claimed that Taiwan is an important partner, he stressed the one-China policy while expressing support for the Taiwan Relations Act. The United States is to treat Taiwan as an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the region and use it as a chess pawn from time to time. This is the general situation of the Taiwan Relations Act in the past 40 years, an unnamed expert on Taiwan told the Global Times on October 10. The Act has been regarded as a reliance by the islands independence for 40 years. Today, the Democratic Progressive Party has a low election sentiment. Under the situation of fans, Cai English authorities will certainly take the opportunity to hype, pretend to be more closely connected with the United States, and build their momentum.

On January 1, 1979, the United States Government and the Taiwan authorities terminated their diplomatic relations and recognized the Government of the Peoples Republic of China instead. On April 10 of the same year, President Carter signed the Taiwan Relations Act into law, continuing the unofficial contacts between Taiwan and the United States. However, during the 40th anniversary of the laws entry into force, there were also many voices in the island questioning the law.

The National Policy Research Foundation, a think tank of the Kuomintang, held a press conference on the morning of October 10. Lin Yufang, a former Kuomintang legislator, said that such a day could not be celebrated. His heart was heavy. Only when the United States abandoned Taiwan had such legislation. He questioned Cai Yings statement that he wanted to abide by the spirit of the Taiwan Relations Act was very inappropriate, because the Taiwan Relations Act was a domestic law of the United States, was Cai Ying an American? As the President of the Republic of China, he used the word abide by and was very disqualified.

Wu Dunyi, chairman of the Kuomintang, said in a Facebook post on October 10 that in the trilateral relations between the United States, Taiwan and the mainland, he expected Taiwan to get along well with both sides. It was wrong for the Cai authorities to adopt a dichotomy approach. The kinship with the mainland was out of kinship and kinship is true. Jiang Qichen, the Kuomintang legislator, said on the 10th that it is possible for the Taiwan card to be licensed at any time in Trumps hands. We must be more careful in assessing the trilateral relations between the United States, Taiwan and the mainland. Taiwan should not be too wishful or naive.

The 40-year-old Taiwan-U.S. Relations Act is behind the brilliant fireworks between Taiwan and the United States, commented a recent commentary by Taiwan Unified News Network. For many Taiwanese, there is always a sense of psychological satisfaction when they see the Act, which seems to indicate that although there is no diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States, Big Brother of the United States takes care of Taiwan and protects Taiwan-U.S. relations. However, the bill, which made Taiwanese regard the friendship between Taiwan and the United States as a rock, was actually a cover-up under the background of the break-up of diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan, covering up the reality that the United States abandoned its allies for its own interests. The article said that the recent Taiwan Travel Law calling for high-level exchanges of visits between Taiwan and the United States, the Asian Reinsurance Initiative Act regularly sold by Taiwan and the forthcoming friendly activities between Taiwan and the United States by AIT, are like dazzling fireworks, which are too dazzling to catch peoples eyes. However, this may also lead to a close relationship between Taiwan and the United States, which is bound to undermine the sequelae of the two sides.

The war between the two sides is in danger, and the biggest irony of the 40-yearTaiwan Relations Lawis that the Cai government boasts that it is thebest momentin the history of Taiwan-US relations, fearing naivety, according to an editorial published by Taiwans Lianhe Daily on October 10. According to the editorial, the Trump governments Taiwan card is based on the national interests of the United States, but Taiwans interests are feared to be in a difficult position to grasp. The Cai government will not be ignorant of this principle, but because it is shackled by the ideology ofTaiwan independenceand the selfishness of political parties whose interests outweigh the national interests, it constantly strengthens its counter-neutrality in speech and policy. The Cai government frequently manipulates cross-strait relations as chips to win re-election and lets Taiwans infantry enter a dangerous situation.

Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou told the media on October 10 that Taiwan Relations Law has played its existing role for at least 40 years, but the current situation is somewhat different, like the recent sudden talk of selling F-16V and not selling it, while Cai Ying-jeou has adopted a very strong attitude to deal with the mainland, which is not a comforting phenomenon. He said that the Taiwan Relations Act can not do anything, to improve relations with the mainland, only rely on themselves, the Americans can not help.

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