Doctors are included in the media of black-hearted enterprises: grass-roots governance can not tolerate drama

 Doctors are included in the media of black-hearted enterprises: grass-roots governance can not tolerate drama

Publicity brochure on anti-black and anti-evil was issued by the office of the leading group of anti-black and anti-evil in Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District. China Youth Network

According to media reports, a propaganda material to eradicate black hearts and evil spirits ranked doctors first among the top 10 black hearted enterprises in China. The brochure is titled the latest edition of Anti-Black and Anti-Evil Enterprises in 2019. On the cover, it printed propaganda materials for carrying out special struggle against black and anti-evil, and was signed as Office of Leading Group for Anti-Black and Anti-Evil in Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District.

This brochure has aroused great anger among the public, especially the doctors, who believe that it is stigmatizing the doctors and stirring up the doctor-hating mentality in society. Faced with the pressure of public opinion, on the evening of April 9, Xiangcheng District of Suzhou City made a decision to deal with it. It was decided that the relevant responsible persons had not strictly checked the propaganda materials and had adverse social effects. It decided to talk to the Secretary of the Party Committee of Weitang Town and the mayor of Weitang Town, and to dismiss four relevant responsible persons, such as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

It is not too late to mend. Relevant departments dealt with it very quickly and vigorously, which made a good start for the follow-up rectification. Nevertheless, there is still a big question mark in peoples hearts: How did this amazing Oolong come into being? Only by clarifying this problem can we ascertain the responsibility and avoid making similar mistakes next time. This may be more important than whether the brochure is correct or not.

Recently, the Oolong incidents about the propaganda of sweeping the black and eliminating evil can be said to have emerged in endlessly. In some places, families who have lost their independence have been listed as the key supervisory objects of sweeping the black and eliminating evil. In some places, wearing gold chains and tattoos are simply regarded as the signs of evil forces. In many places, the propaganda slogans are ridiculous, and sweeping the black and eliminating evil, harming oneself...

However, compared with the brochure of Weitang Town, Suzhou, these exotic flowers propaganda is just little witches see great witches. This brochure describes the doctor as the whole deterioration of the industry has reached the point where there is no medicine to cure... This is a nationwide refinement of fee-charging projects to the most extreme industries... Its also one of the most conscientious industries to collect money.

Just reading one of the pages exposed in the media can reveal that the text is neither logical nor grammatical. For example, the title is What are the top ten black-hearted enterprises in China. Then it lists doctors and beggars. Doctors and scavengers are professions, or a certain social group, which has nothing to do with enterprises. Subsequent content is more full of speculation and emotional release, without any professionalism and guidance. I dont know how this Weitang Town Leading Group of Anti-Black and Anti-Evil will use these materials to guide anti-black and anti-evil activities.

Some eye-catching Netizens found that the content of the brochure was almost identical to that of a web post many years ago, which was named Chinas Top Ten Black-Hearted Careers List. In addition to doctors, beggars, guides, journalists, teachers and even vegetable vendors were honored to be on the list. Therefore, the group of doctors can temporarily calm their anger. This brochure is not aimed at doctors, but at all occupations present. So, Weitang Town, the relevant departments, is not simply copy and paste the network paste, sent to enterprises to guide the anti-black and evil work?

The production of a brochure, from drafting to compiling, to auditing and finalizing, to design and printing, requires a number of processes. In these processes, no one even found the content wrong? What are so many staff doing? In fact, what we read from this brochure is not hatred for a certain group, but the drama style of grass-roots governance. It seems that the staff of the whole department, apparently everyone is working on the job, but the heart is wandering in the sky, do not know where to go.

It is a serious work to eradicate the evil, involving the personal safety and property safety of the people. Weitang Towns anti-black and anti-evil leadership group is obviously indifferent attitude, coping with errands. How can we expect them to really wipe out evil and protect the masses with such an attitude? The production, distribution of brochures or open window work is still so confusing; will those jobs that are invisible to outsiders be more irresponsible?

Individual staff occupy public office, spend public money, but are absent-minded to cope with the work. Before accusing others of blackheartedness, these people ask themselves where their hearts are going. Anyway, it must not be at work.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310