The girls body was covered with scars. She was beaten twice when she said that her mother was very kind to her.

 The girls body was covered with scars. She was beaten twice when she said that her mother was very kind to her.

Wenwen is full of injuries, new and old folded together. In the end, she did not know exactly how the scars came from.

On April 2, Grandpa suddenly received a phone call from his daughter-in-law: Wenwen is dead. When she saw her granddaughter again, the 8-year-old girl was wrapped in a pink dress with an egg-sized bag behind her head.

In the past year, the scars on Wenwen Wen have repeatedly appeared in peoples eyes. Father, grandpa and grandma all know that mother beats children and aunt beats them. Schools, teachers and neighbours have seen that lovely little face. It is either puffy today or bruised tomorrow.

But it was not until the tragedy happened that these new wounds ceased to appear in the text.

The rental house where Wenwens mother and daughter live together with their aunt has one floor for living and two floors for shops.

News of sb.s death

On April 2, at 10 a.m., Cao Yiming, a villager in Jianxin Village, Huaibin County, Xinyang City, received a phone call from his daughter-in-law Hu Li: Wenwen is dead. On the phone, the daughter-in-law said that the child had fallen down the stairs and had not been rescued.

When Hu Li brought her daughter back, Wenwen was dressed in pink and wrapped in a red blanket. Cao Yiming saw an egg-sized bag behind the childs head.

According to local customs, they wanted to change their clothes for the deceased. At that time, Huli was unwilling to say that she wanted to wash and change her childrens clothes herself. Cao Yiming opened Wenwenwens clothes and found that his granddaughter was covered with injuries, new injuries and old injuries folded together, behind which was a purple print.

After that, Cao Yiming compared the photos sent by doctors and found that the children were not wearing the same clothes when they were sent to the hospital and returned to the village. In hospitals, children wear red sweaters and beige trousers. After returning, it turned into pink clothes.

Cao Yiming said that the mother of the child often beats the child, but she cant help it. The children used to live with grandparents and grandparents. A year ago, Wenwen moved with his mother to Huaibin County to live in a rented shop with his aunt because he was going to primary school.

Wenwens father Cao Hai worked outside all the year round. At 2 a.m. on the day of the accident, he and his wife were still at peace when they exchanged news. At that time, his wife was drinking outside.

The next day, Cao Hai just got up and received a sudden call from his wife, My little daughter is gone. He did not believe it, and in a trance he made another confirmation. Cao Hai was confused and drove home from Xiaoshan, Hangzhou.

Wenwen was covered with scars when he saw the children, which was not like a fall down the stairs. Hu Lis younger brother said that her sister usually had no contradiction with Cao Hai. Which mother would kill her child? But Cao Hai called the police.

After the accident, Cao Hai went to his mothers and daughters aunts house to get their childrens registered permanent residence books and student certificates. He saw his aunt and asked, How did the child die? The little aunt, with a tough attitude, put her waist in and asked, You dont know how she died?

Cao Hai fainted on the spot.

Wenwens grandmother is in front of the old house in the countryside.


Cao Hai and Hu Li got married in 2008. They met each other through a blind date and held a wedding half a year later. The next year, Hu Li and Cao Hai went to Xiaoshan to work together. Cao Hai is a hotel service industry, Hu Lis work is not fixed, often changed.

During that time, they had two daughters. The eldest daughter, 11 years old, has some mental problems due to lack of oxygen during childbirth. Wenwen, the youngest daughter, is 8 years old and has just entered the first grade.

Cao Hai said that he quarreled with his wife almost because of his little daughter.

Cao Hai works outside all the year round and gets together with Wenwen for a short time, usually only once during the Spring Festival. But he could feel that the children preferred to stay with him more than their mother, Huli.

Once, the Caohai family went to relativeshouse for dinner. Hu Li asked Wenwen to count the number of people who ate to get the corresponding chopsticks. Eighty-nine people had dinner that day. When the number of words reached six oclock, they could not count them out. Angry Hu Li took chopsticks and hit Wenwentou with them. The chopsticks were interrupted.

Cao Hai and his wife quarreled fiercely about this. The wife said, Dont take care of her. The more you protect me, the more you fight. Cao Hai Cao Hai thought his wife was unreasonable and his 8-year-old child was punished like this. The daughter dared not speak or move.

Another was in the summer of 2018, when the outdoor temperature was close to 40 degrees Celsius. Because of a small incident, Hu Li suddenly let Wenwen get out. She grabbed Wenwen and threw it outside, then locked the door of the house. Cao Hai happened to be at home. He couldnt see it. He drove Wenwen to his uncles house for a few days.

Wenwens aunt said that Hu Li loved her elder daughter and took her with her wherever she went. On the contrary, she was cold to her younger daughter. In 2011, her little daughter was born. Two months later, Hu Li went to Xiaoshan from her hometown to work. She seldom came back and never asked about her children. Hu Li often complains to Cao Hai that the elderly at home are more concerned about Wenwen and dont hurt their eldest daughter much.

In Cao Hais eyes, the youngest daughter is sensible. The eldest daughter has intellectual problems and needs to be taken care of at ordinary times. Wenwen will help her sister undress while sleeping and bring her slippers when washing and gargling. On weekdays, Wenwen gets up early and finds clothes for his sister.

Cao Hai spent most of his time working outside, and had no time to take care of his children. The only thing he could do was to transfer a little more money to his wife. Five days before her daughters accident, Hu Li told him half jokingly in her Wechat that she wanted to buy cosmetics. Cao Hai transferred her 2,000 yuan and told her to save flowers.

March 23 is Hu Lis birthday. That night, Huli, her eldest daughter, aunt and her children went out to eat together. Cao Hai saw several pictures in his wifes circle of friends, but did not see his little daughter.

He wanted to ask his wife, but the next day he was busy and put aside.

Now in retrospect, Cao Hai has many regrets. Every time something happens to his little daughter, it seems that he neglects it. Until this time, Huaili Wenwen refused to open his eyes.

Grandpa and Grandma Photographed Wenwen in the Hundred Days


In Cao Yimings eyes, his daughter-in-law has been at odds with the whole family since she entered. When guests came, she never greeted or entertained them. On weekdays, Huli did not talk to her grandparents. At home, her bowls and chopsticks are exclusive. She doesnt put them in the kitchen. When Grandma clears the table, she will hold the bowl and avoid it.

The two old men had a knot in their hearts and endured it. Think, as long as a couple of good on the line.

Wenwen was brought up by grandpa and grandma. Grandma said that the children were neither parents nor relatives, and they were like strangers when they met. The only photograph in the family was taken by Grandpa and Grandma in a hundred days. Now the plastic cover on it has lost its stickiness and rustled. Several creases are clearly visible.

When she was four years old, Hu Li took Wenwen with her for one year at home. She did not allow her children to contact the elderly. According to Grandma, she chooses vegetables in the field, Wenwen follows, Hu Li sees it and reaches for it. Wenwen never dared to talk to Grandma when Huli was around. When Grandma was cooking in the kitchen, Wenwen stood outside and looked at her from afar. When Huli went out to visit the door, Wenwen dared to come in and talk to Grandma.

Wenwen went to primary school in Huaibin County. Grandma urged Grandpa to go there twice.

Last May, Cao Yiming rode a battery car to his aunts house, and her granddaughter dared not look up at him in the corner. Knowing that his granddaughter was afraid of his aunt, Cao Yiming took the initiative and said, Wenwen, Grandma misses you, Ill take you back. Wenwen did not agree. Aunt stood and roared, then called Huli. In the video, Huli said to Cao Yiming, Who allowed you to come to our house to look after the children?

Cao Yiming blushed and said nothing. He put pens and books in his schoolbag and dragged Wenwen back to the countryside. He found Wenwens face swollen and his cheeks blue. Ask her whats going on? No words are spoken.

A week later, Cao Yiming went to the school to receive Wenwen, and gave Wenwen 10 yuan. Wenwen turned his head to look left and right. Wenwen explained that she was afraid of her brother (the child of her aunts family) coming home and saying. Two weeks later, Cao Yiming went again. He found that Wenwen had been given 10 yuan before, and now there are 6 yuan left. She refused to give Wenwen money. She said she would be taken away by her aunt.

On the eighteenth day of December this year, Grandma bathed Wenwen. As soon as she took off her clothes, her tears came down. The literary body is black and blue, all of which are scars. Grandma asked Wenwen what happened. At first Wenwen dared not say it. Later, she secretly told Grandma that it was her aunt who fought with the hanger because she always made mistakes. Once, she didnt bring a pencil.

Ask again, aunt also let Wenwen squat across the horse, kneeling.

Cao Hai did not go to see his aunt after he knew it. Its almost New Years Day. He doesnt want to be unhappy. He just consulted with his wife to stop working and take care of the children at home.

On the third day of the New Year, Wenwen celebrated the New Year at his grandparentshome. Before leaving, she said to her grandmother, My mother is very kind to me. My mother only hit me twice. She didnt hit me hard. She took a gentle pat.

Wenwen School


Starting from Wenwens school, fifty meters to the west, we can turn around to Wenwens former residence. The first floor is the shop where the little bear is married by her aunt, and the second floor is where the two mothers and children live. Nowadays, people have gone to the empty building, the iron door is locked, and the word rent is new on the window glass of the second floor.

Next door, the neighbor who opened the shop said that the childs aunt did not like to talk to others and stayed in the shop without coming out. She usually does not go to the market around her, but goes to the supermarket behind her.

A neighbor across the street said that he had seen the child last year and that the child was very introverted. She stood by and looked at the children playing together. For a time, the neighbor saw her face hurt and her whole face turned blue. He asked the child what had happened. The child was silent. If you knew it was a fight, you would report it. But he had no evidence, nor did he call the police.

Many neighbours confirmed that they had never seen a child beaten or heard a child crying from the house. But the injuries on the childrens faces have existed for a long time.

Zhang Hans children are in the same class as Wenwen. A month ago, when she picked up her child, she saw Wenwen and found that Wenwens face was swollen. She asked what was going on. Wenwen answered that he fell down and left. People have no spirit at all, Zhang said.

Later, she mentioned it to Hu Li in the class Weixin group, thinking Wenwen was allergic, reminding Hu Li to take her children to the hospital. Hu Li answered that hot compress at home would do without going to the hospital.

Nowadays, Zhang regretted that he hadnt opened his childrens clothes.


In March, Wenwen did not come to school for a period of time. The teacher called and asked. Hu Li said Wenwen fell down the stairs and went back to his hometown for self-cultivation.

In the eyes of the teacher, he is introverted and not very talkative. The teacher recalled that on March 26, she saw Wenwens injury for the second time, which was more serious than the first time. At that time, she wondered how the more serious the recuperation was, she asked Hu Li to come to school. Asked about the childs injury, Hu Li answered that there were two children in the family at that time and they fell down. The teacher advised Wenwen to go home for recuperation. Its not difficult for the first grade. Mother can help.

According to the teacher, at the beginning of school, the school recommended that each student buy a life insurance of 100 yuan in case of accidents.

Wenwen was not bought.

Cao Hai was not in the Wechat group of the Wenwen class. Hu Li and Xiao Aunt had been responsible for contacting the school. After the incident, Hu Li and her aunt were taken away by the police to investigate. Cao Haicai first heard the teacher talk about this situation. Cao Haicai could not suppress his anger. These things they never said to me.

On the afternoon of April 1, after school, the Chinese teacher came home by bike and saw Wenwen. She found that she was a little lame. She also said to Wenwen, Go, the teacher will take you by bike. Wenwen answered, No, its almost home. Then she said goodbye to her teacher at the intersection and walked two hundred meters to her home.

Thats the last side of teachers and students.

(At the request of the respondents, all the characters in the article are aliased names)

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