Zhengzhou police report that men wear Japanese military uniforms to greet their relatives: 4 detained and 2 admonished

 Zhengzhou police report that men wear Japanese military uniforms to greet their relatives: 4 detained and 2 admonished

On April 10, a video message of a man wearing Japanese military uniform to greet his relatives was circulated on the Internet, which aroused strong indignation and condemnation among Internet users and caused bad social impact.

Zhengzhou police attach great importance to the investigation and promptly deploy the police force. At 23:00 on April 10, all six suspects, Bai Moheng, were captured. After investigation, on March 26, 2019, Bai Mouheng (male, 22 years old, Huiji people) proposed and consulted with Gong Moupeng (male, 18 years old, Huiji people), and decided to wear imitation Japanese military uniforms for Bai Moubo on the wedding day in order to seek stimulation. Subsequently, a friend Liu Mouying (male, 19 years old, Huiji people) bought imitation Japanese military uniforms through the internet, funded by Gong Moupeng. On the morning of April 10, 2019, Bai Moubos welcoming fleet traveled to Longhu Inner Ring Road and Longyuan Street. Bai Mouheng, Gong Moupeng and the two men took out the imitation Japanese military uniforms prepared beforehand and forced Bai Moubos clothes to be taken off and replaced by imitation Japanese military uniforms with Li Moujie (21-year-old man from Huiji District). In the process, Han Mouqi (male, 24-year-old, Qixian) was responsible for driving the wedding car. This process is recorded and uploaded to the network using mobile phones.

Bai Mouhengs six acts greatly hurt the national feelings and patriotic feelings of the broad masses of the people. Under the education of the police, Bai Mouhengs six people confessed their illegal facts, and expressed deep reflection and regret. At present, the police have admonished Bai Mouheng, Han Mouqi for 10 days of administrative detention, Gong Moupeng and 7 days of administrative detention, Bai Moubo, Liu Mouying and Li Moujie according to law.

Here, Zhengzhou police solemnly reminds that the public security organs will investigate such illegal and criminal acts to the end, and any act that challenges the dignity of the state and the nation will be severely punished by law.

April 11, 2019

Men wearing Japanese military uniforms and driving luxury cars to greet relatives and netizens: Shame and wait to be arrested

Recently, netizens reported that a man in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, was wearing Japanese military uniforms to greet his relatives on the street. Video shows a man in a Japanese military uniform on the street. In the crowd, the man and the bride sat on the red sports car, and the passers-by took pictures in succession. In response to this behavior, netizens have expressed that very vulgar, want to win eyeballs because of other ways. On the 10th, Zhengdong Branch of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau said that no one had ever called the police before, and that the police had to call 110 before they could send out the police. At present, the matter has been reported to the superiors.