New York female driver was arrested 30 times in two weeks after she ran away with a Chinese girl

 New York female driver was arrested 30 times in two weeks after she ran away with a Chinese girl

Accident scene map and driver (source: New York Police)

Overseas Network, April 11 - At the end of March, a 14-year-old Chinese girl was hit by a black car at the intersection of Brooklyn, New York. Its incredible that the driver who ran the red light saw that the girl was okay and drove away afterwards. Two weeks after the hit-and-run, police arrested the driver of the ex-Coleridge accident.

According to the Daily News of New York and CNN, the 49-year-old Julia Litmonovich escaped from Stanton Island, New York. She was arrested at home on the afternoon of April 10, local time, and handcuffed when she was taken to a police car.

Accident Site Map (Source: New York Police)

Two weeks before his arrest, on the afternoon of March 27, local time, Litmonovich drove a black car into a 14-year-old Chinese girl on the streets of Brooklyn. Video surveillance showed that she first got out of the car for a brief look at the girls injuries, and then returned to the car and left. Fortunately, witnesses called 911 to report to the police, and the injured Chinese girl was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment, with bruises on her legs and upper body.

Wang Xinyi, the victim of the case, said afterwards, Im very grateful to those who called 911 and thanked them for not leaving me. Im afraid. I dont think (the driver who caused the accident) can evade his responsibility. Wang Xinyis father also expressed great dissatisfaction with the driver in an interview: Its very bad that you hit someone and you have to take full responsibility instead of leaving like this.

Police said Litmonovich, the driver of the accident, had been arrested 30 times before on various charges. One of the arrests occurred in 2007 when she drove out of a car accident on Staten Island before the police arrived.

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