Japan F35 confirmed the crash and Britain announced inspection of all its F35.

 Japan F35 confirmed the crash and Britain announced inspection of all its F35.

(Observer News) A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-35A fighter plane suddenly lost connection on the evening of 9 th. Japan confirmed the next day that the plane had crashed.

On the 10th, Britain decided to inspect all 17 F-35B fighters.

On September 28, 2018, a British F-35B tested a vertical landing map on the Queen Elizabeth from Defense News

According to Reuters on April 10, a spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense said that since the crash of a Japanese fighter plane, the Department has been in close contact with U.S. officials and has begun to check the status of 17 F-35B British troops.

Safety is the top priority of our F-35 plan. We will continue to check the situation and more information will be released at that time.

Observers noted that the US National Interest magazine just reported on April 8 that the British government announced that the British F-35B fighter plane would leave the Royal Air Force Malem base in Norfolk later this year for Cyprus and be sent overseas for the first time.

Only in January did the British announce that 17 F-35Bs were operational. Meanwhile, the UK plans to purchase 138 F-35 fighters from Lockheed Martin.

Will the Japanese F-35 crash result in a global grounding of F-35? There was a precedent before.

Last September 28, a U.S. Marine F-35B fighter plane crashed near the Boford Marine Corps Air Base in South Carolina, and the pilot jumped safely. This is also the worlds first fall of the F-35.

One month later (October 11), the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it would stop flying all F-35 fighters, including those equipped by the U.S. military itself and exported to foreign customers. Investigators suspect that there are widespread problems with the fuel pipeline of the latest sharp fighter.

The Japanese F-35 crash, the pilots life and death is still uncertain, Japans air fleet from the F-35A has been grounded.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310