Do you know that cats are about to rule humans? Why do people become addicted to cats?

 Do you know that cats are about to rule humans? Why do people become addicted to cats?

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Cat sucking is becoming popular on a large scale.

I dont know when cat smoking has become a living habit of many contemporary people. Cat sucking refers to a persons love for cats, and often can not help but make some intimate gestures towards cats. Cat smoking is comparable to spiritual opium smoking. Once a lot of people start to smoke cats, they can not stop. Beds, sofas and even office places have become cat smoking places, which is called Where the cat is, I will go.

In order to suck cats, people do everything possible. In fact, cat sucking has a long history. He likes those animals, especially cats. Ive seen him fondle a cat for an hour. An American official once recalled US President Lincoln, telling about Lincoln as a capitalized cat slave. Hundreds of years ago in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Houyu of Jiajing died of his cat love. He was determined to bury the cat in a golden coffin to send the elders of the funeral procession. Finally, the cat was buried on the northern slope of Longevity Hill.

In recent years, cat sucking seems to spread to the whole society. More and more people join the team of cat sucking. Cat owners seem to dominate the whole human race, while humans are willing to be cat slaves.

What are the psychological reasons for sucking cats?

Every phenomenon must have its profound social reasons behind the fermentation, and behind the profound social reasons are often driven by peoples psychological reasons.

Relevant data show that among the real cat-sucking population in China, the post-80s and post-90s account for nearly 80%, which is the highest proportion. These people are basically the only-child generation. When these people enter the society, the loneliness trend is that they suck cats.

People often feel the feeling of being cured through cats, and their emotions are greatly satisfied. Psychological research shows that cats can make people feel cured because they look like babies, satisfy humans raising brain and stimulate humans protective desire, which is called cute response. Cats constantly stimulate the pleasure center of the human brain, secrete dopamine, and give people a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

The lovely things not only arouse the emotions we want to be close to, but also arouse the desire to hurt them, but we will not do so. Therefore, people often ravage cats, in fact, in the expression of love for cats. The illusion that cats make the world come from it. Animal researchers have found that the triggering traits of cats themselves trigger the maternity of women, so women are a large group of cat lovers.

In addition, from the psychological point of view, cat smoking comes from projection, social interaction, conformity and other psychological factors. Projection is a kind of psychology that people often smoke cats. They regard cats as girlfriends or children, so as to satisfy their fantasies. At present, various groups of cat-drying and cat-drying stickers on the Internet meet peoples social needs, which can make up for peoples desire to socialize while staying at home in the Internet era. In addition, conformity is also the reason why many people are sucked by cats. Everyone is sucking, and I am sucking. Joining the army of sucking cats is a passive choice that many people can not perceive.

What are the benefits of sucking cats?

Apart from psychological satisfaction, cat sucking is closely related to economic and social development.

As we all know, cats are better kept, clean, independent and not noisy. As long as they are given enough food and water and taught to use the toilet, cats can live a stable life. They dont need to slip away every day like dogs, and they dont cause conflicts in their neighborhood. Cats are pets that dont cause much trouble, which fully conforms to the fast pace of modern social life.

In terms of health, the University of Minnesota tracked 4,000 people over a 10-year period and found that cat owners had a 30% lower risk of heart disease than non-cat owners. In addition, studies have shown that raising cats can lower blood pressure, relieve mood, and help patients with Alzheimers disease, autism and depression.

In addition, the University of Wisconsin conducted intelligence tests on 600 students, and finally came to an unconfirmed conclusion: cat owners are smarter, and cat owners are more likely to increase heterosexual affinity, cat girls are cute, cat boys are more attractive.

Nevertheless, cat smokers should pay more attention to cat smoking. They should be careful not to be bitten and scratched by cats. They should regularly clean up the fur of cats at home. At the same time, they should pay attention to their own site. They should not be peeped into the toilet by cats and occupy the keyboard.

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