Kobe Bryant: Its a good thing to play glue for the first time since coming to Guangdong.

 Kobe Bryant: Its a good thing to play glue for the first time since coming to Guangdong.

Super foreign aid wins in the last minute

Compared with Hongyuans predicament of 12-0 and 20-point one-quarter net win in the last opening period, Hongyuans score in the last quarter was only 18 points because of defence, although it was still backward in the beginning of the new century. Hongyuan played quite impatiently, and the players seemed eager to pull the score apart, but it was obviously difficult to achieve results.

We didnt start defensively and lost too many simple points. After the game, Hongyuan coach Du Feng said frankly that this is not a grand style. We have assisted at least 30 times in the past, this is only 18 times, but the error has reached 18 times, which is not our level.

In the new century, they show stubbornness - once 18 points behind, they even catch up with the gap of only one point. Hongyuan won at the last minute, or depended on the personal ability of super foreign aid Marshall Brooks, who first scored a three-point goal to turn the score into 110-104, and then, in the critical moment when the team was only two points ahead of 114-112, he hit another three-point against Dehaos defence, causing the latter to foul.

First glued playoff game

This can be said to be Hongyuan in the playoffs so far played the most glued ball - and the opposite half of the Xinjiang team and Liaoning team, Hongyuan won too easily before, has not encountered a hard battle. This time, the hard battle finally came.

Marchand scored 35 points in the game. After the game, he said, Fortunately, we can play a close game and win... Its the first time Ive played a game where the score is tight since I came to the team. Its a very good thing.

This series has become more and more interesting. After Hongyuan has played two home games, it will be the turn of the new century to play three home games in a row. Wang Jianjun, coach of the new century, encouraged his players: Today the players really do well, and the close score of the game is helpful to enhance the confidence of the players. I believe they can overcome all the difficulties and go back home to play the rest of the game.

Game 3 of the semi-final between the two sides will be held at the Longgang Universiade Center Stadium in Shenzhen on Saturday.

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