Du Feng: Always warn Shenzhen to be a strong team or win Beijing.

 Du Feng: Always warn Shenzhen to be a strong team or win Beijing.

The first round of the two sides, Hongyuan team almost only one game time to lay the tone of victory. The New Century team obviously did not want to repeat the same mistake, so it upgraded the defensive intensity to the extreme. However, in the second half of the first quarter, the defensive intensity of the new century is somewhat unsustainable, coupled with the inefficiency of the offensive end, so Hongyuan team played a 31:19 start. Since then, Hongyuan has also been in control of the situation, with up to 18 points into the fourth quarter.

Nobody thought of the sudden change in the last quarter. There were still eight minutes to go before the game ended. Both Zhou Peng and Yi Jianlian made five fouls on their backs, and one more foul would be sent off. The new century seized the opportunity to take advantage of the void and entered. Four minutes and twenty seconds before the end of the game, the new century played a small climax of 14:0, and the score reached 104:106. One minute and 36 seconds before the end of the game, Burton, a foreign aid in the new century, hit two consecutive three-point goals, and the two sides drew 112:112.

The start was not good, the score was far behind, but the players did not give up. The last two minutes, one is the rebound protection is not good; there are still some playing methods, not properly handled. As Wang Jianjun, the coach of the new century, said, the players of the new century lost their chains at the crucial moment. Ren Junfeis basketball supplement and Brooks3-point goal made the winning balance turn to Hongyuan again.

I know our team very well. I have this problem when I play. When we won the last big score, we didnt start from defense. We just wanted to score and then we took the ball and threw it. A sharp reduction in the number of assists is very telling (28 assists in the last game, only 18 assists in this game). Although he won the game in the end, Du Feng was not satisfied with the teams performance. Its better to expose the problem sooner. I have always warned that the new century is a strong team, otherwise how can we win Beijing? The playoffs were in the semi-finals, and no club was easy.

Source: Author of Ocean Net-Information Times: Editor-in-Charge of Feng Aijun: Ma Bile_NS4800