Guangdong Media: Derby intensifies internal contradictions between Fuli players and coaches

 Guangdong Media: Derby intensifies internal contradictions between Fuli players and coaches

This season, Fuli shouted the slogan of challenging the Asian Championship, but after four rounds of unbeaten and two consecutive defeats, Stoikovic said at a post-derby conference: Its foolish to talk about the qualifications for the Asian Championship now. Was Fuli overestimating his strength, or was there a problem? Its bothering the team up and down. But unlike in the past, many people believe that if there is really a foolish element in it, Stoikovic also has a great responsibility for it - just as he enjoys the praise of beautiful football. He needs to fix himself.

The last coach who had such a bad start was Farias in the 2013 season. He drew 1-3 and the team was in turmoil. The Mage was soon out of class. Stoikovic said winning the home game against Shenhua this weekend was the only way out for the team, but in fact it was his way out. Over the past three seasons, he has also been suddenly pragmatic, and will be conservative after those successive defeats, but this time, he seems to be dealing with a much more complex problem.

Question 1

Offensive instead of defensive means no need to defend?

Stoikovics offensive system is the most gorgeous and threatening in the Chinese Super League. Even those who like to lift the bar will not go to the bar. Especially when Jiang Zhipeng, one of the best left-wingers in China, was still on the team in 2017, the two wings of the powerful team flew together to make the vast majority of the Chinese Super League team unable to resist. That year Jiang Zhipeng had seven assists, Tang Zhao was eight, Zahawi scored 27 goals, the team withered and decayed.

After Jiang Zhipeng left the team, Fuli left nearly paralyzed, but the strength of a lame leg was still outstanding at the offensive end. In the first three rounds of the league, there were only 2 draws and 1 defeats, but no one questioned the problem of powerful offense. The question from the outside world is: Why cant we win when the attack is so good? Because Fuli has never been defended by the whole team.

Chongqing Sway first round away, the last minute was almost unmarked by Kardek header killed, it can be seen that Fuli team does not know how to defend, as the most destroyed Super League team in recent years, certainly can not blame luck; the second round home against Dalian side, the defensive end is full of loopholes, and Dalian team in the first four rounds only when facing Fuli. More chances to break the door; in the third round, Fuli pulled 1-3 into 3-3 in the case of 10 players. There were still a few minutes left in the game, but Fuli did not mean to recover, but continued to attack. As a result, Fuli could not come back and was easily killed by Acheimpeng.

Bad defense is nothing more than two questions: is it the individual ability of players, or the training and tactical concept of coaches?

On the question of personal ability, some players asked reporters privately: The local guards of China Super League are all big-name foreign aid forwards. How different will Chinese guards be when you face Karasko and Hurk? To defend well is to rely on the accumulation of training and overall cooperation, not on the so-called personal ability and personal status.

Players dont think they are too bad, but coaches like to attribute the loss to the lack of concentration of the team. But one thing is certain, from training content to on-the-spot scheduling, the concept of defense in Stoikovics mind is like chicken ribs. Training courses, always only offensive drills, there are defensive players describe themselves as artificial stakes. In the game, we can not see which period of time will be based on the change of scores and the advance of time and strategic contraction, relaxation and unruly.

It is Stoikovics methodology to substitute offense for defense, but as the Chinese Super League team gradually adapts to the powerful routine, the short board of defense will be enlarged, and no matter how good the offense is, it can not fill the hole of defense. This is the current situation.

Stojkovic once dreamed of conquering the Chinese Super League with beautiful football. He has done it (as many neutral fans have proved to him), but the team still has to move forward. What if the coach cant break through the bottleneck at the technical and tactical level, or even drill the bulls horn, what should the team do? Especially when your goal is to qualify for the Asian Championship, this contradiction is obvious and unavoidable.

Question 2

How does the coach make the team more united?

In the last derby, the powerful defenders did not have much loopholes, but the defense at the back was obviously a failure. Taliska got up easily and had no back lumbar occlusion several times. The proud offensive end is useless, which frustrates the confidence of the powerful.

From the results, it is normal to lose the Guangzhou Derby in Tianhe, although Stoikovic told the players at the pre-match meeting that Evergrande had been playing badly and was totally fearful. Some information indicates that Stowe has taken the enemy lightly. It doesnt matter to lose a derby, but the players who lost this derby have temper, which means its not a simple failure. It was a defeat that sparked tensions within the team.

During the match, the fans saw clearly: Zahawi complained often after he could not get the ball; Chen Zhizhao, who finally ushered in the fourth round as a substitute, became angry after he could not get the support of his teammates in the front court; Zahawi was ready to take the free kick at the top of a penalty area arc, but Chen Zhizhao was not satisfied with the free kick. There are obvious problems in communication between players.

If there is still the possibility of over-interpretation of these scenes, Tang Zhaos words in a live interview on the sidelines after the match directly indicate the tactical split between the front and back players of the team. Tang Zhao said: Their defensive formation is very complete, we are relatively loose. Including changing formations in the second half to play four guards, but the wingers do not participate in defense, and the forwards do not defend, our guards will be more difficult. Defense is an integral whole, not only the guard to defend, hope that the whole team can participate in. Hopefully in the future, the teams defense and attack as a whole to complete.

Normally, even if a player loses, he will not directly criticize his teammates for not participating in defense in a live interview. Although Tang Zhao is a straightforward player, this is the first time that he has questioned the tactical level, which shows that there are some cracks in the team.

Stoikovic clearly knows the playersemotions better than anyone else. However, in his speech before the first training session after the derby, Stoikovic did not summarize the reasons for the defeat to Evergrande, did not talk about the problems raised by Tang Zhao, did not ease the antagonism between players, as if nothing had happened, but simply criticized a players mistake in dealing with a ball and asked him to apologize, while the player did not admit that he had principles. Errors, only technical mistakes. Its just a trivial matter. Maybe the player wont get time on the weekend, but at this time, Stowes handling seems a bit hasty, which is not good for the teams training atmosphere and dressing room atmosphere.


The boss hasnt considered changing his head yet.

Stoikovic also has his difficulties. The U23 policy has given him too many constraints. Many playersplaying time has declined sharply. But U23 players have always been difficult to improve and integrate into the whole. They can not make progress. As coaches, they can not just stand up. In addition, last summer he named Serbian defender Tosic to occupy a foreign aid quota, with a high salary, but did not bring the team should have contributed.

If Stoikovic used to be the most stable coach in the Chinese Super League, that is not the case now. From last season to now, his accumulated capital has been gradually eroded by himself, and his authority in the team has been weakened. One thing is certain: a bad start is by no means a matter of luck. There are many things Stoikovich needs to change himself if he is based on his goal of success.

However, according to Nandu reporters, so far, the boss of Fuli has not given instructions to consider changing his commander. The Chinese Super League is week after week, and the next intermission is to wait until the beginning of June. Fuli does not have the Chinese coachestemporary fire fighting as before, so this may objectively benefit Stoikovics commander-in-chief. He still has some time to adjust. In addition, there is no clause in the contract to dismiss the class after several successive rounds, which may be the only thing that can make the coach feel at ease at the moment.

Source: Author of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Fengzhen Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919