The 36-year-old Runaway Principal became a cadre of Vice-Governor Cheng Cheng in the Upper Vice-Governors Office

 The 36-year-old Runaway Principal became a cadre of Vice-Governor Cheng Cheng in the Upper Vice-Governors Office

Only people dont do it, no one knows. Or do they have no reverence for the organization, no reverence for the law and discipline. After Jiang Zhaogang, who was called runaway principal by netizens, was captured and brought to justice, he made such introspection on his illegal experience of violating discipline and escaping in awkward confusion.

Jiang Zhaogang has served as Vice President of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Deputy Secretary-General of Yunnan Provincial Government, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan Rural Credit Cooperatives, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Forestry University and President of Yunnan Province. On May 11, 2018, the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau issued the first A-level arrest warrant required by the Supervisory Commission to arrest Jiang Zhaogang. Twenty days later, Jiang Zhaogang was arrested and brought to justice.

Born in an ordinary workers family in Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province, Jiang Zhaogang has made great efforts since childhood and achieved good results. He was the first prize in Liberal Arts in the college entrance examination of Yuanjiang County in 1982. In August 2001, because of his outstanding achievements, he was only 36 years old and became a deputy director of Yunnan Institute of Finance and Trade and vice president of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. In August 2008, he was transferred to the provincial government as deputy secretary-general of the provincial government and vice governor Cao Jianfang for oral affairs. It was during this period that Jiang Zhaogang climbed up to Cao Jianfang and quickly became his top cadre. He was reckless, unconventional and law-abiding. He broke through the bottom line of being an official and a man. He acted as a pawn of the horse, pioneer, spokesperson for interests, balancing and coordinating all kinds of relations. In 2011, under the concern of Cao Jianfang, his political backbone, Jiang Zhaogang was promoted to be a leading cadre at the official level and served as secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives.

I saw that Cao Jianfang had more problems than I did, more prominent problems than I did, and he had no accidents, which contributed to my problems. In serving Cao Jianfang in front of and behind the saddle, he felt the great temptation of power, gradually unbalanced mentality, and changed his mind. After serving as secretary of the CPC Committee of the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives, he continued to cling to power and dignity, followed Cao Jianfangs orders in engineering construction, cadre appointment and employee recruitment, and was willing to become his tool for personal gain. On the other hand, he followed his practice by planting close relatives in the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, entering important posts, setting up his own small hills and circles, and completing interest transmission, and became Yunnan Provinces Rural Credit Department. Pollution source of unified political ecology.

As long as Cao Jianfang says a word or even looks at it, I will do nothing for him. Slowly in the dyeing vat discoloration, I changed from heart to joints to deterioration. In Jiang Zhaogangs words, the change from abdication to deterioration is the corruption of life caused by greed and the complete collapse of the moral bottom line. He took care of his lover for a long time, and received huge amounts of property wantonly through his lover. The trade of power and sex and the trade of power and money were intertwined, which made him fall into the abyss of corruption thoroughly.

As the Secretary of the Party Committee, Jiang Zhaogangs mind is not spent on earnestly fulfilling the responsibility of governing the Party and strengthening the construction of the provincial rural credit cooperatives. He was authoritarian and arbitrary, putting individuals above organizations. The CPC Committee of the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives is not in place to fulfill its main responsibilities, and the spirit of implementing the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee is weak. The three-fold and one-big decision-making system is nothing. The inspection team of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee made two visits to the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives, and found that the existing problems were not only not rectified, but more prominent. Tracing back to the root cause, the political function of the provincial rural credit cooperative party committee has weakened, and it is not effective to strictly govern the party in an all-round way. Jiang Zhaogang can hardly take the blame for these problems of the provincial rural credit cooperatives.

Jiang Zhaogangs wanton and abuse of power caused huge economic losses to the grass-roots associations and the masses, and seriously damaged the interests of the state and the collective. During Jiang Zhaogangs time in charge, under his direct intervention and involvement, the provincial rural credit cooperatives bought too much, should not buy, bought risk projects abound, behind the huge economic losses is the black interest chain. For example, the uncompleted tail building site square on Beijing Road, the core area of Kunming City, is a project where Jiang Zhaogang and others abuse their power to deliver benefits to specific stakeholders and themselves, regardless of the actual situation at the grass-roots level and the wishes of the masses, and vigorously promote the launching of the project. Since the developers capital chain has broken down, the landmark project has become a rotten tail project. Jiang Zhaogang and others privatized public power, turned collectives into private territory, and made a vibrant financial enterprise smoky and full of holes.

I just forgot my first intention, stabbed a big hole in the blue sky and white clouds of Yunnans political ecology, smeared the Party and had a very bad impact on the leading cadres in Yunnan, and I regret it very much. Driven by his interests, Jiang Zhaogang sought and conveyed benefits for himself and for a very small number of people. Power in him has become the chips of power, money and power trading. Every yard tilted, it increased once, until his life collapsed.

Looking back on the past, Jiang Zhaogang was distressed and sobbed. But these confessions came too late, and the cocoon-maker restrained himself, waiting for him to be severely punished by Party discipline and state law.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Discipline Commission