Official Response of Some Villagers in Fujian Province Fabricating Cremation Lists to Collect Compensation

 Official Response of Some Villagers in Fujian Province Fabricating Cremation Lists to Collect Compensation

In 2017, Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun, was relocated to a hilltop in order to cooperate with the construction project of a light industrial city park. The tombs in the area were relocated to the cremation and resettlement of the funeral parlor in Xishan Garden. Recently, Li Mou, a villager, discovered that his name appeared on the cremation schedule of the remains. After checking, it was found that it was not a duplicate name. Many villagers subsequently found that his name appeared on the ashes box and cremation list. Villagers called it very obscure.

After the name of the living person appeared on the cremation list in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County, the Party Committee and the government attached great importance to it and cooperated with the County Discipline Commission to intervene in the investigation on February 28. After investigation, the fact that the names of living people appear on the ashes box does exist. Some villagers falsely claim compensation for the migration of the tomb of the unknown tomb owner in the name of themselves or relatives.

After mastering the results of the investigation, Dongping Town paid close attention to the progress, understood the demands of the masses, and did a good job in reassuring the masses, resolving contradictions, maintaining the stability of letters and visits and resting complaints and visits in time. After the incident, the town selected the backbone to form five special work classes, to do a good job in resolving contradictions, and actively prepare countermeasures to calm the mood of the masses.

Before the Qingming Festival on April 5, the town removed the names of the living people on the ashes box of Xishan Garden according to the rural customs, recovered the compensation for the migration of tombs falsely claimed by villagers, and organized and urged the two committees of Xialin Village to come into the village and apologize to the relevant parties in the form of collective responsibility, in order to win the understanding of the masses.

According to the relevant person in charge of Dongping Town, Yongchun County, said that the town will be in accordance with the relevant procedures for dealing with the responsible persons, and will cite one example against another, as a warning, and learn from experience and lessons.

Source: Gu Ying_NN6577, Responsible Editor of CNN