Solons Eye? The first black hole photo was spoiled by netizens begging for the pupil color number

 Solons Eye? The first black hole photo was spoiled by netizens begging for the pupil color number

At 9 p.m. Beijing time on April 10, the first black hole photograph in human history unveiled the mystery.

However, the black hole probably didnt realize that its photos were quickly spoiled by global netizens...

French netizens quickly made a black hole picture of doughnuts: Exclusive: I took the first black hole picture in a minute.

Black holes are actually Solons eyes! (Stem of Lord of the Rings)

Does anyone like bagels?

The toothless classmate of Dragon Trainer also appeared.

The programmer came and showed the code: We received a message from a black hole (Hello, World!) is the most basic program in computer programming language.

American netizens have not forgotten Einstein and Hawking: Thank you very much for your work and efforts, the world will never forget you.

And to Japanese netizens, the painting style is different.

Japanese netizens followed the current hot spot, releasing the obstruction of Japanese Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiweis announcement of the New Years Order and Harmony.

However, when it comes to map modification, our Chinese netizens are certainly more reluctant to show weakness.

Some netizens added budding features to the black hole and said hello to humanity.

The stem of the Lord of the Rings also appeared.

A group of netizens began to ask for the pupil color number of the black hole...

DOTA2 players said that the picture had already been seen.

The black hole expression pack with the special effect of fog and haze has also come out.

Looking at the other side, our compatriots in Taiwan have also opened up a path of spoofing.

It has been said that black holes are heating the little sun.

Someone is looking for socks in the black hole.

Finally, this black hole mapping is heart-wrenching...

Black hole: Blame me me?

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Gu Ying_N6577