Who leaked the owners information from hundreds of companies registered in the community?

 Who leaked the owners information from hundreds of companies registered in the community?

According to Voice of China: Recently, a number of residents living in Changyang Tiandi District of Fangshan and Wanke in Beijing reported to Voice of China that their commercial and residential addresses were used to register companies of unknown origin, and some owners even found that their addresses were registered by many companies.

According to incomplete statistics, the owners address of No. 9 Courtyard of Changxing East Street, located only in the district, has been registered by more than 500 companies. Who leaked the owners information? Who used this information to register companies in large quantities?

Owners found that their address was fraudulently used by registered companies. More than 120 companies were registered in only one building.

Wuhe Wanke Changyang Tiandi District is located in Changxing East Street, Changyang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. The district was built by Beijing Wuhe Wanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. with a total floor area of 227,000 square meters and a total area of 130,000 square meters. It is a commercial and residential dual-purpose community with a total of 3017 households.

According to Ms. Wang, who lives in the 5th building of the 9th courtyard of the district, in early April this year, some owners in the community said that their address had been falsely used by others to register the company. We have a large group of 500 owners, one of whom went to register the company with his own home and found that there was already a company on the top (his address).

Another household receives a courier from a registered company, but the recipient is a courier from a registered company. Another one is a courier from a registered company with a stolen address. If the company steals the address from their home, he will not give it to him.

Subsequently, the vigilant owners of the group inquired through various ways whether their business and residential addresses were used to register companies, and found that a large number of ownersaddresses were registered with a variety of companies. Reporters then inquired about Ms. Wangs 5 building address for company registration, found that only one building in the address of each company registered more than 120 companies, only a few owners said they had registered with the address of the company.

The same situation also occurred in several other buildings of Courtyard 9 and in many buildings of Courtyard 12. The reporter inquired about the company information registered with the owners address in the district, and found that the registration date mainly concentrated in January - March this year, and these companies almost did not fill in the contact information including telephone.

Residential Property: First remove the embezzlement owner information company, and then investigate the legal responsibility of the relevant responsible person.

Beijing Vanke Property Services Co., Ltd., who is in charge of residential property, told VOA that the relevant leaders had been informed of the matter, but the leaders were not here recently.

Owner: How to solve it?

Property: Im not sure this is the leaders side.

Owner: Who is your leader?

Property: Our leaders havent been here in recent days.

Owner: Who is here?

Property: There are still many owners who have not been registered, but they are still registered now.

As to how to solve this problem, property workers said that they would first cooperate with the market supervision department to remove the companies that embezzled the owners address information, and then pursue the legal liability of the relevant responsible persons.

Fangshan District Market Regulatory Bureau: An investigation is under way. The official seal of Wuhe Vanke Co., Ltd. has been added to the registration materials.

In response to this, Voice of China contacted Fangshan District Market Supervision Bureau. Su Jianjun, head of the Enterprise Supervision Section of Fangshan District Market Supervision Bureau, told reporters that the regulatory authorities attached great importance to this matter and had set up a task force to investigate it: At present, we have interviewed the developers of Beijing Wuhe Wanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and also asked the company to cooperate with the market supervision department. The matter was investigated. At the same time, our market supervision department is also further communicating with the owners to understand the relevant situation. At present, all kinds of work are in the process of rapid progress.

So who actually registered these companies with the owners information? Cao Jie, deputy director of registration section of Fangshan Market Regulatory Bureau, said: We took a look at his registration materials with some owners at that time. At that time, the position of the owner of the house in the registration materials was stamped by Beijing Wuhe Wanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. as the owner, because the developers house ownership certificate is a set of buildings, it is not a needle. A set of doorplate numbers, and then he attached a copy of the ownership certificate of the whole building corresponding to the doorplate number, which was also stamped with the official seal of Wuhe Vanke Co., Ltd.

Whether the staff of Wuhe Vanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. or someone else embezzled the companys information for registration, the current regulatory authorities and public security organs are investigating and collecting evidence.

Lawyers point of view: If Vanke uses property right information for company registration privately, it will constitute infringement.

In response, Yue Qishan, a lawyer at Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, said that if Vanke used the property information of the whole building to register the company privately, it would constitute an infringement on the owner: Because the property right of the house has been attributed to the household, the households have the rights and interests to use and benefit from the house, (if) Vanke registered with the property information, which belongs to an infringement. Right behavior. On the other hand, if Vanke discloses these information or illegally provides it to others for use, it may be suspected of illegally providing personal information to others, which is a crime of infringing on personal information of citizens, and may be subject to corresponding criminal sanctions. Another point is that if Vanke charges fees in this way, it is also a tort. Households can ask Vanke to return the income.

Regarding whether these companies registered with the owners address will affect the owners credit checking and other issues, Yue Qishan said that because the owner was unaware of the information stolen, there is no need to assume responsibility: Because the householder did not know that the house was rented to another company, or that it was registered by other companies, he was unaware of it, so he said. It shoulders no responsibility.

Source: Chi Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of CCTV