Over-stubborn Guardiola, forced Sun Xingtu careers most critical goal?

 Over-stubborn Guardiola, forced Sun Xingtu careers most critical goal?

But throughout the game, Spurs in the home game lowered their posture and maintained a high defensive arrival rate from offensive to defensive. Even if the Front-court core Kane was injured, the Spurs would be in danger of carrying out Bocchedinos pre-match deployment, eventually taking the lead in the two rounds with Sun Xingtus goal.

Manchester City are dominant in the game, but Guardiola cant admit that Pochetino and Spurs are better than others, which shows how stubborn he is now. It was too late for Guardiola to rush to replace De Browne and Sane in the 89th minute of the match. Although Manchester Citys schedule is indeed intensive, this is not the reason why Guadios replacement is too slow to delay the fighter plane. On a larger level, Guardiolas excessive pursuit of ball power control has not produced substantial results, and the corresponding personnel and tactics are also questionable.

[Starting from both sides

Spurs start: 1-Lori, 2-Tripper, 3-Danny-Ross, 4-Aldwell, 5-Wilton Henry, 8-Winks (8012-Van Yama), 17-Musa-Sissoko, 20-Ali (8618-Llorente), 23-Eriksson, 7-Sun Xingbo, 10-Harry-Kane (5627-Lucas-Mora)

Unavailable substitutes: 22-Gasaniga, 6-Davenson-Sanchez, 21-Foyt, 33-Ben-Davis

Manchester City starters: 31-Edison Morris, 2-Kyle-Walker, 14-Laporte, 30-Otamendi, 18-Delphi, 25-Fernandino, 8-Jingdoan, 21-Silva (8817-de Browne), 26-Majeres (8819-Sane), 7-Stirling, 10-Aguero (7033-Gessos)

Unavailable substitutes: 49-A-Murich, 4-Kompani, 5-Stones, 47-Phil Forden

(Fig. 1: Starting and formation of both sides)

[Tactical game: Spurs focus on counter-attack, Manchester City siege but not attack

1. Spurs: Attacks around the front three-man team, Sun Xingtuos key role

With the same Premier League team, Manchester City and Spurs know the root of the matter, no matter how detailed the pre-match arrangements can not play out, the actual performance of the players in the course of the game, whether the coachs tactical on-the-spot adjustment is timely, is the key.

(Figure 2: Spursactual position in the game)

Spursformation is mainly 4-2-3-1. Winks and Sissoko have double backs, which is a combination of technology and physique. Winks was closer to the centre, and Sissoko needed to back up at some point to support the right attack. In the front court, Eriksson and Sun Xingtuo were left and right, while Ali walked behind Kane before taking office.

(Figure 3: Kane shoots)

Spurs attacked mainly around the team formed by Ali-Eriksson-Kane. Eriksson was in charge of scheduling, while Ali served as a relay point to cover Kanes shot. As shown in the picture above, the three players in front of Spurs played a cross-cutting match, and Kanes turning shot was eventually saved by Edson.

(Fig. 4: Kane retracts the ball and passes Sun Xingtu, who finishes shooting)

Sun Xingtus role is switched between wingers and wingers. He needs a lot of ups and downs to ensure the balance of attack and defense on the right side. At the same time, Sun Xingtus impact is also the strongest support for Spursfront three-man team in positional warfare. As the above clip is a typical case, when Kane retreated to the midfield to assist in the ball, Sun Xingtuo was fast in front of the right to plug in and complete the shooting. Sun Xingtuo shared a lot of side blasts in this campaign, his consciousness and ability are very important to Spurs.

2. Manchester City: Sterlings surprise changes qualitatively by controlling the balls right to play.

(Fig. 5: Manchester City formation)

In Manchester Citys 4-3-3 formation, the midfielder is in the right triangle position. Fernando and Jing Duoan are responsible for keeping the ball running smoothly and organizing attacks, while David Silva is more using his delicate foot technology to connect with the team in series. Sterling, Aguero and Majeres constitute the front line, but also Guadiolas regular use of the collocation.

(Fig. 6: Sissoko intercepts and destroys Manchester Citys attack)

Manchester City pays attention to the use of technical midfielders. The team has the first-class ball-control ability. It can penetrate into the offensive area of 30 meters through the local cooperation of 2-3 players and the combination of small ball layers. But the success rate of Spurs midfield interception is very high. The double back waist of Sissoko and Winks has damaged the ground penetration of Manchester City in the front field for many times. At the same time, Spurs players intentionally increase physical confrontation in defense, the intensity of the game is very high. On this basis, although Manchester City occupies a high percentage of ball control, it is difficult to really penetrate the Spurs penalty area.

(Figure 7: Comparison of passing data between two teams)

Comparing the two teamspassing data, Citys 579 times are much higher than Spurs 404 times, but at the same time, we can also find that Manchester City basically controls the ball through short passes. But Spurs have more long passes, and Pochetino wants to reduce midfield consumption, so he can use the long-distance connection between the back and the front (Eriksson is the main passer) to directly impact Manchester Citys defence and oppress Manchester Citys forbidden zone. However, considering the two-round system and the recent intensive schedule, Manchester Citys attacking desire is not as strong as Spurs. When they cant play in the front court, they will basically choose to pass back to the central defender to reorganize, and will not risk losing the ball right, so that Spurs can get a chance to fight back.

(Figure 7: Stirlings left-hand cut shot, Ross handball blocking the penalty.)

Manchester Citys best chance was to use Sterlings ability to attack on the left to create opportunities. When Manchester City control the ball in the middle, Sterling and Spurs right-back Terry Pierre open the defensive distance to create enough space for their own response and breakthrough. Stirlings forceful shot, though not hit, hit Ross in the hand, the referee was reminded by VAR and replayed the penalty.

(Figure 8: Aguero penalty kick, Lori saved)

However, Aguero failed to break the penalty, goalkeeper Lori judged success and threw the ball out. This is a key turning point in the game, because once Manchester City takes the lead in scoring away goals, Spurs will find it harder to find opportunities with fewer possessions, and their confidence will also be affected. But Loris excellent save has brought hope to Spurs and also missed Manchester Citys best chance.

[Winner or loser: Guardiola is procrastinating and Sun Xingtu is scoring the most critical goal in his career

(Fig. 9: Mouras appearance improved Spursforward propulsion efficiency)

In the 58th minute of the game, Kane was replaced by Mora due to injury, which undoubtedly cast a shadow over Spurs. There is no need to dwell on the importance of Kane, whose pivotal role in the front field is irreplaceable. However, Pochetino did not replace the big center, Llorente, with Mora instead of Kane, in order to improve Spursefficiency from midfield to front through Moras dribbling ability and speed, and bring more vitality to the offensive end.

(Fig. 10: Stirlings sideways dribbling is restricted)

At the same time, in the second half of the game, Pochetino also gave Sterling a more rigorous defensive deployment, Sun Xingtu to withdraw in depth to assist Tripir defense, Ali also need to quickly take in to strengthen the protection of ribs. As can be seen from the picture above, Sterling was caught by Spurs three on the left, with little room to move forward or cut in.

In this case, Guadiola should change, such as replacing Saaner with the busy Majeres, to enhance the right attack while at the same time linking the other side of Stirlings pressure. But Guadiola replaced Aguero with Gesuz, which was not very helpful to the teams offense.

(Figure 11: Sun Xingtus goal)

In the 76th minute of the match, Sun Xingtu fell to the ground against the Manchester City players, and the team doctor rushed in for temporary treatment. At one time, it was worrying that Sun Xingtu might be injured in this consuming match, but it was unexpected that Sun Xingtu scored shortly after the Spurs doctors left the field. A turn-around sweep left Edson helpless, and Sun Xingtu helped Spurs break the deadlock, perhaps the most crucial goal of his career.

(Figure 12: Sun Xingtus goal analysis)

As can be seen from the analysis chart, Spurs control the ball in the middle with Ali and Eriksson as the core, forcing the Manchester City formation to shrink inward, thus revealing the gap between the two wings. While Ross and Sun Xingtu put the ball in front of each other from left to right, Eriksson chose to give it to Sun Xingtu on the right. Although the latter had a slightly larger first stop and almost crossed the baseline, it was quickly recovered and scored by Sun Xingtu.

In ten minutes after Sun Xingtu scored, Guardiola did nothing. With a minute to go before the normal time of the game, he may suddenly remember that he still has two places to change. De Browne and Sane, who have been warming up for a long time, are finally playing, but the game is over soon _________

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