The successors of the five poisonous cadres in Shenzhens political and legal system have been double-opened

 The successors of the five poisonous cadres in Shenzhens political and legal system have been double-opened

Today (April 10) News revealed that four months after the fall of the horse, Li Huanan, the former standing committee, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, was expelled from the party and public office.

Referring to the old politics and law of Shenzhen, the most impressive political circle is his predecessor Jiang Zunyu, former Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Political and Law Commission. Jiang Zunyu has been sentenced to life imprisonment. He has been described as a five poisons cadre by front-line investigators because he receives huge benefits from private enterprise bosses, conceals his naked official status, uses public funds to give gifts, repeatedly engages in prostitution, participates in gambling and commits adultery with many women.

From todays briefing to Li Huanan, it is not inferior to her predecessors bad deeds, which can also be called five poisons.

Like his predecessors, they have all five poisons.

In October last year, after Li Huanan was taken away for investigation, a reporter from China News Weekly contacted people familiar with Shenzhens official circles to learn that the reasons for his investigation were related to land issues and false lawsuits. Todays circular released by the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission shows that Li Huanans misdeeds go far beyond the two conjectures mentioned above.

Li Huanan violates political discipline and confronts organizational censorship; violates the spirit and integrity of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee; violates the rules of private clubs and golf balls, and receives gifts and gifts that may affect the fair performance of official duties; violates organizational discipline and seeks benefits for others in the selection and appointment of cadres; violates integrity discipline and affects the fair implementation of public affairs by borrowing money from management and service objects. Business, owning shares of non-listed companies, making use of the influence of position to seek benefits for relativesbusiness activities, engaging in power and money trading, violating life discipline, violating national laws and regulations, and participating in gambling activities many times. He is suspected of bribery by taking advantage of his position to gain benefits for others and accepting huge amounts of property.

Two Common Diseases

Readers who often pay attention to the political circle must be familiar with the above-mentioned statements, such as confrontation review, golf playing, owning shares of non-listed companies, power color, money color trading and multiple participation in gambling, have appeared in the circulars of the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission on many occasions. And the leading cadres of Zhongzhao are often the leaders of the party in charge and high-ranking members. Obviously, Li Huanan has taken up all of these typical means of seeking personal gain, wealth and lust.

But in addition to these common notices, the political circle (Wepolitics) has also found a statement that does not often appear in the notices of Rolling Horse officials.

The latter part of the briefing mentioned that Li Huanan, as a leading cadre of Party members, deviated from the Partys purpose, was willing to be corroded and hunted, lived in luxury, had a corrupt style, had a bad family style, violated the Partys discipline seriously, constituted a duty violation and was suspected of committing a crime, and did not know how to fear, restrain or withdraw after the Eighteenth Congress of the Party, was of a bad nature, and the plot was serious and should be dealt with seriously.

Among them, the corruption of family customs is not often seen in previous reports. After consulting the circle of political knowledge, tigers such as Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou, Sun Zhengcai, Su Rong, Zhou Benshun and so on, all of them have the record of making use of their positions to benefit their families. Comparing with Li Huanans previous bulletin, it is no surprise that Li Huanans taking advantage of his position to benefit his relativesbusiness activities and characterizing it as a corruption of family style.

In addition, the political circle also noted that the Chinese Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily yesterday (April 9) cited Wu Shu, a former member of the Party group and deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration, Meng Hongwei, a former member of the Party Committee and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, as examples to conclude that uninterrupted is the common fault of corrupt elements investigated and punished in recent years.

Li Huanans briefing mentioned that after the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, Li Huanan did not know how to be awed, not to converge, not to stop. Obviously, Li Huanans common illness of not knowing how to stop has also fallen.

Intersection with his predecessors family

In fact, it is not his own initiative to mention that Li Huanan is making money for his relatives. Li Huanans predecessor, Jiang Zunyu, who was also the five poisonous cadres in Shenzhens political and legal system, had a precedent in making profits for his family.

Public reports show that Jiang Zunyus wife, daughter, son-in-law, relatives, even his wifes sister and son-in-laws uncle are all occupied. With Chiang Kai-shek as the center, family members are more or less trapped in it, playing the roles of manipulator, power broker and receiver of stolen money, and the family transforms into a wealth-gathering community bound by kinship.

It is interesting to note that in Jiang Zunyus corruption net, his family and Huang Changqing, former vice president of Shenzhen Intermediate Court, were prosecuted in the summer of 2016. It has been disclosed that Huang Changqing is suspected of accepting bribes of more than 4 million yuan. He has interests with lawyers to interfere in the trial. He receives money from businessmen to act for him. He also receives bribes from subordinate judges as high as nearly one million yuan. Compared with Huang Changqings and Li Huanans resumes, the political circle found that Li Huanan was serving as the president of Shenzhen Intermediate Court when the briber bribed Huang Changqing.

On the contrary, Li Huanan himself, who has been disclosed by the media that his wife is an alumnus of his university, once worked in Shenzhen government department, resigned from the position of chairman of a large state-owned listed company in Shenzhen last August. Some insiders called it resigned and cooperated with the investigation after Li Huanan was checked. People are free, but they cant leave Shenzhen.

Failure to land safely, 59-year-old horse

Finally, the political circle gives readers a review of Li Huanans personal history. To be honest, when consulting the information, the political circle can not help exclaiming that it is a pity that a competent cadre would be willing to fall into practice.

Although Li Huanans work experience is mostly in Shenzhen, it is not a native of Guangdong. Li Huanan, who was born in Taihe County, Anhui Province, graduated from the law class, and then worked deeply in Shenzhens political and legal system for more than 20 years. In 2010, he was transferred from the Standing Vice-Director of Shenzhen Peoples Congress to the President of Shenzhen Intermediate Peoples Court, which is a recognized old political law. Many insiders in Shenzhens political and legal system have told China News Weekly that Li Huanan has strong business ability and excellent eloquence. People familiar with the situation said that after Li Huanan became president in 2010, the political status of the Shenzhen Intermediate Court has improved a lot.

In June 2015, after four and a half years as the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Li Huanan was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee and Director of the Social Work Committee. People familiar with Shenzhens political and legal system disclosed that Li Huanan became deputy director of the National Peoples Congress and then acted as president of the Peoples Congress. This kind of political experience from the second-line retrograde to the first-line is quite abnormal, and then from the president of the court to the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and even less as the former deputy secretary.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Li Huanan, born in 1959, was just 59 years old when she was checked, not far from landing safely. According to media commentary, the partys determination to fight corruption can be seen from the fact that it is still under investigation near retirement or even after many years of retirement.

Source of this article: responsible editor of the political circle: Xiao Qi_N6799