More than 90,000 girlfriends of men cheated in online love are uncle picky in their 30s.

 More than 90,000 girlfriends of men cheated in online love are uncle picky in their 30s.

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Changsha mens online love has been deceived by more than 90,000 people, and the girlfriend who has never met is actually a man? (Source:)

A few months of acquaintance

Havent met, no phone, no voice.

Is it true about love?

Love is the eternal theme of mankind.

How many foolish men and women are there in the world?

Was confused by love.

There is such a man Xiaomeng in Changsha County. He met a woman Xiaofang on the Internet and was attracted by her sweet appearance. In more than a year, he chatted with each other via Wechat, exchanged hearts and established a relationship with his boyfriend and girlfriend. Although he had not met each other, had no telephone calls or even a voice of Wechat, Xiaomeng felt that he had fallen in love. In more than a year, he transferred more than 90,000 yuan to the other side.

Until the last time the other party said plunged into pyramid selling and asked for thousands of yuan to play with the disappearance, Xiao Meng issued an announcement to find someone, it was known that Xiao Fangs social information was impersonating others.

On April 9, the Changsha County Public Security Bureau reported a network fraud case and arrested the suspect, Chu Mou. Through the police investigation, Xiao Meng learned another truth: Xiao Fang, who is in love with him, is a 30-year-old uncle picking his feet.

At present, Chumou has been criminally detained. But I want to ask, what kind of love are young people talking about now?

Falling in love with women through the Internet and transferring 90,000 yuan

When the woman disappeared, she was found to be impersonating others.

Xiaomeng, 26, is from Shaoyang and worked in Changsha County before.

Xiao Meng usually likes to play the game of sending red envelopes in groups by Wechat. It is the kind of red envelopes in groups that the people who get the least should send red envelopes again at a fixed rate for other groups of friends to grab. In early 2017, he met a woman named Xiaofang through such a group of micro-messengers, who asked him to send some people to the group to send red envelopes.

Xiao Meng looked at the pictures of Weixin friends circle and was attracted by their sweet looks. He often chatted with each other. Xiaofang said she was a native of Changsha, 28 years old and single. Two people come and go, talk to each other, quickly determine the love relationship, and to dear mutual name.

In addition to his words, Xiao Meng is also quite rich in economy for Xiao Fang. Between February 2017 and April 2018, Xiao Meng transferred more than 90,000 yuan to Xiao Fang, most of which were borrowed from Xiao Meng for different reasons.

Sometimes it is said that the family is ill, sometimes it is said that there is no money to find a job, sometimes it is said that the car should be insured, a few hundred yuan at a time, more than 120,000 yuan. Xiao Meng said that until March 2018, Xiao Fang said she was in pyramid selling and asked Xiao Meng for thousands of yuan, saying that he would not let anyone go if he did not give it to the other party.

After this time, Xiao Fang couldnt get in touch for more than two weeks, and Xiao Mengduos contacts were unsuccessful. So in many groups, a person-seeking notice was issued. The person-seeking notice only said that the woman borrowed his money, but had been missing for a long time, and attached a photo of Xiaofang.

But soon, a group of friends found Xiao Meng and said that the photos he released were not Xiao Fangs, but the group of friends. She suspected Xiao Meng had been cheated. Only then did Xiaomeng realize that he might have been deceived and reported the case to Quantang Police Station of Changsha County Public Security Bureau.

It was not until he reported the case that Xiaomeng felt the absurdity of this relationship: in more than a year, he had never met each other, nor did he call each other. Every time he proposed to meet, the other side always pushed off with inconvenience for relatives at home and busy job hunting. Ask the other party for the phone number, the other side said that his mobile phone broke, no card, only through WiFi Internet access.

Even for more than a year, he hadnt heard a tweet voice from the other side. In this case, he turned to Xiaomeng for 91912 yuan and realized afterwards that he was completely immersed in his own fantasy.

Xiaofang is actually a 30-year-old man.

It has been detained in prison.

Quantang Police Station immediately launched an investigation after receiving Xiaomengs alarm, and through secret means, determined Xiaofangs real identity, in fact, he is a man, this year has been more than 30 years old, Xiangtan people.

On April 4 this year, Chumou was caught by the police while surfing the Internet in an Internet cafe in Quantang police station. Reporters from the police captured Chu at a time law enforcement recorder videos to see that Chu wears a glasses, fat.

Chu quickly admitted that he had cheated Xiaomeng. Chu said that he did not have a regular job, and before that he liked to play the game of Weixin Group Red Pack on the Internet, and registered several micro-signals, including several micro-signals above the information and information are women, these micro-messages are stolen from other groups of friends, every time he sent status, he would shield the real owner of these data.

Xiao Meng found that when he went to Canadian and Latin American as a woman, he was more popular. Just after Ga Xiaomeng, he felt that he was interested in pretending to be a woman, so he planned to cheat.

In order to make the fraud more realistic, he also impersonated Xiaomengs friends with other names, making his identity more real. At the same time, he was worried that his number would be blocked because he participated in the Wechat Group Red Packet campaign. He also asked Xiao Meng to add several trumpets.

After defrauding Xiaomeng tens of thousands of yuan, Chu Mou came up with a reason for falling into pyramid selling to play missing, but did not think that this also led to Xiaomengs detection, and eventually was captured and detained by the police.

On April 9, Xiaomeng recovered part of the stolen money from the police in Changsha County Public Security Bureau. In retrospect of this absurd love affair, Xiao Meng seems a little embarrassed. Maybe the authorities are in a coma, and they are confused by the feeling of love. Xiaomeng said that he had been in love before.

The police at Quantang Police Station also warned that the majority of single friends should not trust the love on the internet, do not have money exchanges with each other before confirming the real identity of the other party. At the same time, when adding some Weixin friends, they should also pay attention to verifying the identity of the other party, and do not over-publish their own personal information on the internet, so as to avoid being stolen and diverted for other purposes by unkind people.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News