An automobile in Xian forcibly impacted the traffic police checkpoint and the car was suspected of being stolen.

 An automobile in Xian forcibly impacted the traffic police checkpoint and the car was suspected of being stolen.

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Xian West Street, traffic police routine checks, the car suddenly forced to rush through the card crazy escape! (Source:)

On April 10, a car crashed into the traffic police checkpoint on Xian West Street. Some citizens took a video and partially restored the story.

The upstream journalists noticed that the site of the incident was Xian West Street, located in the city wall of Xian, which belongs to the core prosperous area of Xian.

Traffic police and the masses have been building roadblocks to try to stop the car. Video screenshots

This video shows a white Ivico car going backwards, the traffic police ordered it to stop, and the car was blocked by a construction fence. Later, the car turned around and was blocked by other congested traffic. Traffic police moved in guardrails along the way and stuffed them under the wheels of cars. Citizens along the way also moved red roadblocks to put them in front of cars. Traffic police also moved a trash can to stop the car, but it continued to accelerate. Citizens moved to Stone Piers to try to stop the car. At this time, someone shouted, Block the road, block the road.

Seeing the car rush, the videographers and onlookers shunned in succession. The car accelerated again, bursting through the garbage can, and even if a citizen jammed a red guardrail under the car, the car still accelerated to escape eastward.

The video lasts 1 minute and 50 seconds. Traffic police have ordered the car to stop seven times and set up roadblocks with the surrounding citizens, but the driver of the car still does not stop.

Witness Mr. Sun told upstream journalists that after the car fled, traffic police closed the road at Qiaozikou hundreds of meters away. The car crashed into a guardrail along the way, and the driver tried to get off and escape, and was caught by the arriving police.

Upstream journalists learned from the local traffic police that the driver was under control.

Police briefing.

Around 8 pm on the 10th, the Lianhu Brigade of Xian Traffic Police detachment issued a notice saying that the white Iveco accident vehicle was suspected of being stolen, resulting in a scratch injury of an auxiliary policeman, two social vehicles were collided, and no people were injured. The following is the full text of the circular:

At about 13:30 p.m. on April 10, the command center of Lianhu Brigade of Traffic Police ordered that a white Iveco with a license plate of DFL777 in Shaanxi Province be checked in the street. At about 13:40, the police on duty found the car at Zhengxue Street, West Street. When they signaled to stop, the car refused to cooperate and accelerated its escape. Later, the police intercepted and enclosed the eastern side of Qiaozikou crossing, eventually controlling the vehicle causing the accident and capturing the driver who abandoned the vehicle and escaped.

During the escape, one auxiliary policeman was scratched and injured, the guardrail fell to the ground, two social vehicles were collided, and no people were injured. After preliminary investigation, the vehicle was suspected of being stolen, and has now been transferred to the police station of the jurisdiction for further investigation and treatment. Road traffic has returned to normal in the afternoon.

Source: Upstream News Author: Jia Chen Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799