Netanyahu won the general election or became Israels longest-serving Prime Minister

 Netanyahu won the general election or became Israels longest-serving Prime Minister

Overseas Network, April 10 - 10, the results of Israels general election came out, Netanyahu succeeded in re-election as Prime Minister, opening his fifth term of office.

The right wing won 65 seats (Haaretz, Israel)

According to Israels Haaretz newspaper, according to 95% of the votes already issued, the right-wing camp in Israel has won 65 seats in the general election, becoming a parliamentary majority, and almost all right-wing parties support Netanyahu. The 69-year-old Netanyahu may surpass the founding Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, to become Israels longest-serving prime minister in history.

At 10 p.m. local time on April 9, the vote in Israels 21st election ended. The results show that Ganz and Lapids left-wing coalition, the Blue and White Party, and Netanyahus right-wing Likud Group, drew with 35 seats.

A leader of a right-wing political party announced his support for Netanyahu (Haaretz, Israel)

Benny Gantz, leader of the left-wing coalition Blue and White Party, announced his victory through Twitter and thanked voters for their support. Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister, announced through social media that the Likud Groups right-wing camp had won a clear victory.

According to Israels relevant electoral law, the leader of the largest party in Parliament will be authorized by the President to form a new government, but his new government needs to maintain at least half of the seats in Parliament. No single party in Israel has ever reached the threshold of more than half in the past, so it is necessary to form a coalition government.

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