Football Association: The postponement of Wuhan Henan Competition is decided by the Football Association to maintain the image of Zhongchao.

 Football Association: The postponement of Wuhan Henan Competition is decided by the Football Association to maintain the image of Zhongchao.

On Monday, Henan Jianye Team, one of the parties concerned, argued that, as stipulated in Articles 12 and 13 of the Regulations of the Chinese Football Association Super League of 2019, the stadium could not meet the requirements of the Chinese Super League match and the home team was awarded a 0-3 loss, the Jianye Club protested against the game postponement and demanded that the Chinese Football Association decide that the Zhuoer team should lose the match with three balls. Subsequently, disputes continued. According to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the Chinese Football Association will soon make an official response to this matter. On April 10, the Chinese Football Association explained to reporters that the game postponement was not proposed by both sides, and the final decision was also made by the Chinese Football Association as the organizer of the event. The original intention of the associations decision is to maintain the image of the Chinese Super League, but also responsible for the quality of the game.

On the afternoon of April 5, one day before the scheduled competition of Zhuoer and Jianye, news came from Wuhan that the match between the two teams was facing a postponement. On the other hand, the Chinese Football Association officially issued the official announcement on the evening of May 8. The reason for the delay was that the quality of the lawn is poor, so as to avoid harmful effects on the excitement of the match and the brand of the league.

According to the image data, the turf condition of Wuhan Wuhuan Sports Center is really poor, the turf is sparse, and there is alopecia areata locally. Since then, it has been rumored that in order to maintain the beauty of the turf and other factors, the venue maintenance side has also made spray green processing of the withered and yellow turf, so that the outside world is amazed by such means of operation.

The two clubs did not raise any objection to the game postponement for the first time. But things changed on the second day. Accompanied by outside doubts about the quality of the Chinese Super Course, the Jianye Club seems to have suddenly realized that the crux of the problem is found through the League rules, which refers to the site is not up to standard, the responsibility is in the home court, the home team should be sentenced to 0-3 loss mentioned in Articles 12 and 13 of the regulations. The protest of Jianye and its appeal of judging Zhuoer to lose 0-3, the artillery bombardment of site conditions by Zhuoers coach Li Tie, the blame of the defenders and other relevant parties all intensified the controversial color of the external affairs. Some media and fans even questioned the existence of irregularities in the handling of this matter by the Chinese Football Association.

On Monday, people claiming to be fans of Henan Jianye went to the Chinese Football Association to discuss the matter. Video images circulating on the Internet show that the Chinese Football Association who received him responded, At that time, the venue in Wuhan was not completely unable to play, just like the previous seasons of your Henan team. From this point of view, before the decision of postponement was made, the Chinese Football Association did not think that the conditions of the venue at that time were not unable to take on the match.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) said Wednesday that it was not the participants who made the postponement decision but the Chinese Football Association (CFA), which was the organizer of the event. According to the news, Li Li Li, the supervisor of the match on duty, made a detailed survey of the venue before the match according to the regulations, and finally gave a similar opinion that the venue is not suitable for the match. However, according to the reporters understanding, it is obviously not for him to make such a major decision as scheduled. There are reasons for this decision.

In fact, in recent years, with the acceleration of the professionalization of the Chinese Super League and the improvement of the quality of the competition, the international impact of the competition has also risen in an all-round way. At present, the Chinese Super League has been widely reported through the media of nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. For China Football Association and China Super League, it is also of great practical significance to maintain the image of League matches. It is understood that the decision of the Chinese Football Association to postpone the match is mainly based on several considerations. First, the League league is transmitted through television and other media lens, the picture quality is closely related to the site conditions, and the poor grassland quality is obviously detrimental to the broadcasting effect; second, in recent years, the Chinese Football Association has been committed to improving the level of competition in the league and improving the net match time as the goal of efforts, so playing in poor venues is obviously not conducive to the technical and tactical of both sides. Play, so as to discount the games ornamental, but also may add to the accident injury situation; third, in the grassland quality of the venue will weaken the League brand value from all levels. Therefore, it is not difficult to judge that the Chinese Football Association does not think that the competition venue is completely unable to meet the needs of the competition. However, in recent years, with the Associations stricter requirements on all aspects of the work of the league, the poor site conditions have gradually become zero tolerance.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696