Fake friends? Bridesmaid Dress bought by womens Tucao girlfriends: small and ugly

 Fake friends? Bridesmaid Dress bought by womens Tucao girlfriends: small and ugly

April, spring blossoms, and the wedding day for the couples. At weddings, brides usually invite their best friends to be bridesmaids. Not long ago, Xu Lu (pseudonym) went to be a bridesmaid of honor to her friends, but after the wedding, Xu Lu felt that the friendship had come to an end.

The bridesmaids dress is ugly and cant wear high heels.

With long black hair and a height of 1.65 metres, Xu Lu, 25, wears a pink dress. She says she dieted five kilograms a month before the wedding to be the bridesmaid of her best friend.

This is my first time as a bridesmaid, but I dont want to be a bridesmaid in my life. This bridesmaid is too constrained. Xu Lu said that she once naively thought that being a bridesmaid was to put on a beautiful dress and help the brides girlfriend deal with some wedding affairs, but did not expect that after a wedding, the boat of friendship turned over directly.

Some time before the wedding, she asked me to help her choose a wedding dress. I also wanted to choose a bridesmaids dress there, renting about 300 yuan a day. But she said, let me not choose, she has bought one hundred yuan online, let me wear that one. Xu Lu said, thinking that the bridesmaids dress had been bought, she did not mention it again.

After getting the skirt, Xu Lu found out that the size was not appropriate, and her waist was so tight that she could not wear it at all. During the period before the wedding, I cut my meals by half, so I lost a few kilograms and stuffed myself into my skirt, but the back zipper pocket dared not tighten, and the top was still fastened with pins.

In addition to the bridesmaids clothes do not fit, the girl also asked herself a strict requirement - not wear high-heeled shoes.

Shes only 1.58 metres tall and says Im too tall to wear high-heeled shoes, but that skirt doesnt fit well and looks thicker without high-heeled shoes. However, for friendship, Xu Lu can only choose to be patient.

Snacks for dinner after the wedding rehearsal

The day before the wedding was rehearsal, busy from afternoon to evening. Everyone was busy for a day. They thought they could have dinner together until 6 oclock. As a result, after 8 oclock in rehearsal, they said they couldnt have dinner. They bought a bunch of snacks for me and my best man.

Xu Lus good friend Miss Xia also went to the rehearsal site that day. Miss Xia was a mutual friend of the two. I went to help them get things. I saw that they didnt even eat food. They bought snacks directly. They had to finish the rehearsal before they could eat. I also felt quite speechless.

No makeup for wedding.

Apart from the unpleasant rehearsal, Xu Lu was very speechless on the wedding day.

I thought the makeup artist would make up for me, but only after I went there did I realize that the makeup artist had to make up for the bride for hours, so I had to make it up by myself.

As the brides girlfriend said, Wow, I havent noticed how much youve lost. Xu Lu said that she was trying to lose weight by wearing this bridesmaids skirt, and her girlfriend added, You must be fat after your wedding, huh-huh.

Its too much. I helped her pull her skirt, toast her, stop drinking and change her clothes before and after the wedding. She said that to keep her from wearing high-heeled shoes. Xu Lu felt angry at the thought of that sentence.

After the wedding, even a photograph is missing.

However, what is more annoying is that the wedding has lasted so long now that photographers have been taking photos all the way to the Ming and Ming wedding scene, but up to now, the girlfriend has not sent a photo of herself, and the circle of friends has only sent pictures of her wedding dress.

I just think I sent a big red envelope for the whole day before and after my busy schedule. At least I can share my photos with you. But after that wedding, my girlfriend didnt even talk to herself.

In my opinion, this friendship is full of friends.

Netizens commentary

Erdong: Ive been a bridesmaid of honor twice. The bride wears whatever she wants to wear. No one helped me make up during the whole journey. Photography is just two pictures taken together. Once in a lifetime, the bride definitely wants to be the most beautiful person in the whole audience. As a friend or relative, let you be the bridesmaid of honor and cooperate well. Why do you think so much? Glass heart is not suitable for bridesmaids.

FromDream: No bride wants her bridesmaid to steal her thunder. Maybe the brides approach is a little straightforward.

Ah Xin: All the best friends who can be bridesmaidsbridesmaids are best friends, and the bride is really over the top.

Old saying: Its all plastic sisters. My girlfriend got married. We were bridesmaids. She also bought beautiful headdresses for us and showed us all kinds of considerations.

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