Go to the hospital to see a warmhearted elder sister? Be careful she may be a doctor!

 Go to the hospital to see a warmhearted elder sister? Be careful she may be a doctor!

See a doctor in a hospital

Meeting enthusiastic strangers

Not just shush and ask for warmth?

Also actively recommend more professional and experienced experts?

Not only invite you to go with us?

Also help you register for medical treatment?

You think you met a warm-hearted person

Yet I do not know

This is a trap that has fallen into the meticulous arrangement of medical care!


Several patients complained to specialist journalists

Call oneself at Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Encountered medical care

Several patients complained that they were deceived and suspected of suffering from medical care

Citizen Xiaozhou originally suffered from common gynecological diseases. Recently, in the registration process of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, several women took the initiative to chat with her and recommended her to a clinic near Yuanjialing Metro Station, Shaoshan North Road, Furong District. They also claimed that they had the same diseases before and were cured quickly in this clinic.

After examination, the doctor diagnosed that Ms. Zhou had pelvic effusion and needed to cooperate with medication. She prescribed 1380 yuan of traditional Chinese medicine to Ms. Zhou, plus 740 yuan for two examinations. The total cost was 2120 yuan, but when she returned to her residence, the more she thought about it, the more wrong she became.

Coincidentally, Ms. Wang met such a warmhearted elder sister during her visit to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital that day. With repeated recommendation from the other side, she eventually came to the outpatient department of Shaoshan North Road, Furong District.

Ms. Wang said that according to her experience, the outpatient departments inspection project is very irregular, there is a sense of deception.

In addition to Xiao Zhou and Ms. Wang, there have been many patients who reported the same experience in this clinic recently. In order to explore unexpectedly, the reporter squatted around the clinic for observation.

Complaint Clinic

Reporters have been investigating four medical care providers for several days.

Women bring people to the entry clinic

Reporters saw that a woman wearing glasses, leather shorts and black stockings brought a woman in white to the clinic and left the scene, then returned to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Reporters crouched in the Provincial Maternal and child health hospital observation found that the woman frequently appeared in the outpatient hall, and constantly chat with different patients.

On the morning of March 28, the woman in glasses and black jacket and another woman in brown overcoat appeared in the clinic hall one by one.

Reporters along the way found that they were surrounded by two more middle-aged women.

With the persuasion of the four women, a young patient had some heartbeat and was later taken out of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital by several women.

The patient followed several women to leave by elevator.

Through several daysobservation, the reporter has basically found out the division of labor and the steps of these women:

The first step is to find the target and make a conversation intentionally.

The second step is to introduce experts by pretending to be good-hearted elder sister

The third step is to trick the patient out of the hospital and go to other clinics.

Assault Law Enforcement and Investigation by Health Department: Several Patients Tell About Their Experience of Seeking a doctor

The reporter then reflected the information to the Changsha Health and Health Commission. On the morning of April 9, Changsha Health and Health Commission, together with Furong District Health and Family Planning Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, went to the outpatient department of Shaoshan North Road in Furong District to launch a surprise law enforcement operation.

In the treatment room of the clinic, law enforcement officers found a patient undergoing infusion.

A patient brought to an outpatient clinic by a warmhearted elder sister

Another patient identified and introduced the enthusiastic elder sister who came to the clinic. It was the woman who was suspected of medical care that the reporter had photographed in the hospital before.

A doctor suspected of illegally practicing a doctor in an outpatient department who has carried out abortion operations in violation of regulations

Law enforcement officers found that the clinic medical institutions license on the scope of diagnosis and treatment is only internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, stomatology and so on, which clearly wrote: the scope of gynecology and obstetrics diagnosis and treatment does not include drugs and artificial surgery to terminate pregnancy.

The outpatient department of illegal and self-sufficient patients for abortion surgery, and in the outpatient department door hanging family planning abortion designated medical units have clearly violated the rules.

In addition, law enforcement officers also found that Zhan Mou, a stomatologist in the outpatient department, was suspected of practicing illegally when he was not qualified to practise medicine.

After inspection, law enforcement officers confirmed on the spot that the clinic was suspected of employing medical entrustment to deceive patients, operating beyond the scope, and practitioners did not obtain professional qualifications and other illegal acts.

Law enforcement officers seized medical equipment used in violation of regulations on the spot and ordered the clinic to stop operating.

Source: Responsible Editor of Politics and Law Channel: Xiao Qi_NN6799