Turkey or buy another S-400: ready to expand supply

 Turkey or buy another S-400: ready to expand supply

Russia said it was ready to expand cooperation with Turkey in the supply of S-400. (Figure: Tass)

Overseas Network, April 10 (Peskov), Kremlin spokesman, said Russia was interested in expanding military and technical cooperation with other countries and was ready to consider signing a new S-400 air defense supply contract with Turkey. Earlier, Turkeys foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said that if the United States refused to provide the Ankara side with a patriot air defense system, Turkey might sign another agreement with Russia to buy the S-400 air defense system.

According to Tass News Agency (TASS) on the 10th, in response to whether Moscow plans to reach a new agreement with Ankara on the S-400 military purchase, Peskov said: Russia is open to this, Russia has the technology and capacity in this regard. Of course, Russia is looking for opportunities to expand cooperation. This is absolutely normal practice. Pesco stressed that military technical cooperation is an important part of Russias foreign cooperation. He even described the implementation of this cooperation marks the development of bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey to a special level.

For the United States to stop buying S-400, Ankara is tough. The picture shows Turkish President Erdogan. (Figure: Agence France Presse)

Earlier on Wednesday (10), Turkish Foreign Minister Chavushcolu told Turkish NTV television that if the United States did not provide Turkey with a Patriot air defense system, Turkey would buy another S-400 tomorrow. Chavushcolu also responded to the US suspension of the supply of F-35 to Turkey. If the United States refuses to supply Turkey with the latest Fifth Generation F-35 fighters, Ankara will be able to buy Fifth Generation fighters from any other country in the world, he said.

It is reported that the Russian-Turkish negotiations on the purchase of the S-400 system first took place in November 2016. Moscow confirmed that the contract was signed on September 12, 2017. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also announced that Ankara had paid in advance.

The F-35 made for Turkey was also stuck in Arizona. (Figure: Reuters)

Over the past few days, US-Turkish relations have continued to deteriorate around the purchase of the S-400, and the United States and NATO have repeatedly warned Turkey. State Department spokesman Robert Palladino said the S-400 issue could lead to U.S. sanctions against Turkey under the U.S. Enemy State Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Turkey planned to buy 100 F-35 aircraft, and even suffered a U.S. moratorium on delivery. Currently, the United States is trying to prevent Turkey from purchasing S-400 air defense missile systems by providing Patriot air defense missile systems.

In this regard, the Ankara side is adamant and has repeatedly said that it will not give up the purchase of Russian air defense missile systems. On the 4th of this month, Turkish Foreign Minister Chavushcolu said that the Russian and Turkish sides had completed the transaction and that the S-400 military purchase could not be cancelled. On the 8th, Turkish President Erdogan met with Putin in Moscow and said that no one could ask Turkey to abandon its sovereign decision to buy the S-400.

Source: Author of Overseas Network: Hou Xingchuan Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799