The deputy director of public security went to sea and called himself first-class minister when the black boss was arrested.

 The deputy director of public security went to sea and called himself first-class minister when the black boss was arrested.

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The deputy director of public security went to sea when he was the black boss, the arrest scene actually said so (source:)

I used to be a first-class official, you know?

You are also policemen. I hope you treat yourself and your comrades in arms well... Im a policeman, too.

The person who said this was Chen Xianfu, former deputy director of Xiuying Branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau, Hainan Province. The occasion of his speech was awkward and was the scene of his arrest.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that today, the public security organs of Hainan Province held a press conference to inform Chen Xianfu about the criminal gangs just investigated.

On November 21, 2018, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau immediately organized specialized personnel to check the clues after receiving a real-name report from the provincial leaders that reflected Chen Xianfus involvement in criminal activities. Since then, Liu Xingtai, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Hainan Province, Fan Huaping, Vice Governor of Hainan Province and Director of Public Security Department, have given instructions on the case.

After investigation, Chen Xianfu was the deputy director of Xiuying Branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau, and then went to Shanghai for business. Since 2006, his criminal gangs involved in crime and evil have dominated one side by violent means for a long time. They are suspected of illegal mining, intentional injury, provoking trouble, hosting drug abuse, drug trafficking and other illegal crimes, as well as interfering with the election of grass-roots organizations.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that in the process of handling the case, Hainan police adopted the method of using police in different places. On January 31, 2019, the Provincial Public Security Bureau designated Dingan County Public Security Bureau to investigate the case.

Generally speaking, public security organs will use police in different places only when they are faced with complex and complicated major cases. In this round of anti-gangster and anti-evil struggle, the police in Wuhan, Jingmen and Zhoukou of Henan all used this means to fight against the gangster and evil forces.

In June 2018, Chen Yixin, Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Commission and Director of the National Anti-Black Office, pointed out that three strategies should be emphasized in combating black people and evil in Shaanxi Province.u2014u2014

The key cases should be managed at the next level to prevent the interference of various unfair factors.

The use of police in complex cases in different places ensures that the evil forces and the umbrella behind them are severely punished according to law.

Central and provincial supervisory work strives to start as soon as possible, conducting pressure layer by layer, compacting responsibility layer by layer, and ensuring the implementation of various measures.

At about 2:00 a.m. on April 1 this year, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau organized 378 police forces from Dingan County Public Security Bureau, Haikou Special Police Detachment and Haikou Xiuying Branch Bureau to carry out a centralized network-collecting operation against Chen Xianfus criminal gangs involved in crime and evil. A total of 31 suspects were arrested, and assets of the persons involved were frozen, seized and sealed up, totalling about 43 million yuan, 22 vehicles involved, 2 knives and gold and silver jewelry were seized. Tobacco, alcohol and other supplies.

It is ridiculous that Chen Xianfu still needs to show his old qualifications and call himself first-class heroes and comrades-in-arms in the face of the police who come to arrest him.

In the struggle against gangsters and evil spirits, some present or former public security personnel have been caught everywhere. They have huge local energy and strong sense of anti-investigation, which can be called hard-to-gnaw bones. What he did stained the heroic image of police officers.

Last week, the governor of Changan Street (Wechat ID: Capitalnews) introduced the first major case of anti-black and anti-evil in Guangxi - the case of Li Jia criminal group in Yongfu County. In Li Jias umbrella, besides the former chairman of the CPPCC, there are two public security officers, Li Liang, the former director of Luojin Town Police Station and Liao Shuangshuang, the former deputy chief of the public security brigade of the county public security bureau.

At the end of last year, Li Liang and Liao Shuangshuang were sentenced to 9 years and 9 years and 6 months respectively.

On June 3, 2016, Wenxi County Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province set up the 6.03 special group, which fired the first shot of eliminating gangsters and evil in Shanxi Province, aiming to dominate the local gangsters, the Hou brothers.

Zhang Shaohua (second left) tells the story of anti-black

In handling the case, Zhang Shaohua, director of Wenxi County Public Security Bureau, encountered many dangers. One night, he drove to the City Council to have a meeting and met with an unlicensed off-road vehicle maliciously following him on the highway. Later, the car suddenly accelerated to overtake, trying to hit the accident sideways. Zhang Shaohua made a decisive decision and fired warning shots at him in succession, forcing the other party to flee in a hurry.

In order to facilitate work, we have a group of Wechat. No matter where the brothers are, they come back to sleep at six or seven oclock. Everyone consciously and actively reports an appearance in the group of Wechat to tell you that I am still alive. Zhang Shaohua said.

Zhang Shaohua hates and deplores that some police officers have become the umbrellas of the Hou brothers, and at least 17 people have been arrested, including Jing Yimin and Jin Yong, deputy directors of Wenxi County Public Security Bureau. Jing Yimin practiced martial arts as a child and has been a policeman for more than 30 years. He has a strong sense of anti-investigation. When he was arrested, he even took out his knife and refused to arrest.

Source: Changan Street Governor Author: High-rise Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_N6799