The man took his girlfriend from the bridge and pushed her into the river. He was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide.

 The man took his girlfriend from the bridge and pushed her into the river. He was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide.

On March 13 this year, this scene took place in Jingan Bridge, Xialin Village, Xianyan Street, Ouhai, Wenzhou. Li, who witnessed the whole process of the incident, recalled the moment when the incident happened and still cried out, Its too thrilling.

At that time, they were walking side by side on the bridge, and they were quarrelling while walking. Unexpectedly, when they came to the middle of the bridge, the man suddenly picked up the womans legs and pushed the woman down the bridge railings. The whole process was just a blink of an eye. Uncle Li said that when the woman fell into the water, she shouted for help while struggling in the river, and finally only showed her head floating on the water.

According to the villagers nearby, the Tanghe River was very deep, and the ships carrying 100 tons of sand often passed through the reach. When the situation was urgent, people on the shore were trying to save people, and the womans boyfriend knew that the woman could not swim, and did not come forward to rescue. After seeing the woman drifting farther and farther, two passers-by men quickly jumped into the river, a few minutes later, together to rescue the woman ashore.

Fortunately, the woman was not in any way, and the couple was taken back to the police station by the police.

At the end of 2017, Wang Mou was suspicious that his girlfriend was having an affair. They gradually became estranged and hardly spoke, which lasted for nearly a year. At the end of 2018, Wang Mou returned to his hometown, while Liao Mou stayed in Wenzhou and moved to other rental houses.

An occasional chance, Wang Mou in his hometown, through the tremolo video software found that his girlfriend suspected to live with a man. Wang Mou, angry and embarrassed, rushed back to Wenzhou and beat her in her rental house, demanding that her girlfriend go home with him for the New Year.

Afterwards, the two men were peaceful for a period of time. Wang thought that Liao had changed his mind and would continue to live with himself. Unfortunately, things went against his wishes. In March this year, the two men had another dispute over the past. Wang Mou, who was dismayed, wanted to ask the police station to help mediate their contradictions.

According to Liao Mou, because she could not stand Wang Mous temper, she separated her life from him. He has a short temper, and if he doesnt agree, he will lose his temper and smash things. Liao said that at first Wang agreed, but later regretted, Wang promised to change his bad temper with himself, but there was no actual action.

Later, Liao did have a new boyfriend, and her relationship with Wang gradually deteriorated until the tragedy happened.

After reviewing, the procuratorial organ held that because of the discord between Wang Mou and Liao Mou, Wang Mou was angry and uncontrolled during the quarrel. He deliberately dropped Liao Mou down the river to cause his death. His behavior had violated the criminal law and was suspected of intentional homicide (attempted homicide). Recently, the Wenzhou Ouhai District Procuratorate approved the arrest of Wang Mou according to law.

Source: Responsible Editor of Youth Times: Li Wan_B11284