Enterprise Forces Employees to Use Old Age Machines at Work? Response: For Safety and Confidentiality

 Enterprise Forces Employees to Use Old Age Machines at Work? Response: For Safety and Confidentiality

Modern Express News recently, some people posted on the Internet, reflecting that a listed company in Changzhou forced employees to change smartphones into elderly machines that can only answer calls, but also to collect money. On the morning of April 9, the companies concerned responded to the reporter of Modern Express that the companys technical department did require employees to use geriatric machines during their working hours, but the facts were not as stated on the Internet.

Elderly Machines Allocated by Listed Companies for Employees

Response: Listed companies force employees to use old-age machines

Our company KTK is going to equip employees with geriatric machines, nominally in order to improve work efficiency, why do we charge money? Are we short of that money when we create such a large listed company? Cant you buy a mobile phone company and sell it to us? This is a hot post on a network forum in Changzhou. It also includes a screenshot of the discussion in the circle of friends.

Screen capture reflected by netizens

After the post was sent out, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that it is disrespectful for employees to force employees to use old machines. Moreover, the change of machine treatment of symptoms does not cure the root cause, may not be able to improve the efficiency of work. Others said that the enterprises action is not inappropriate.

Modern Express reporter contacted an employee of Jinchuang Group. According to him, the companys technology department did distribute elderly machines to front-line employees, but did not hear of charging staff fees.

Response: For the sake of security and confidentiality, elderly machines are distributed.

On the morning of April 9, the reporter of Modern Express found the relevant person in charge of Jinchuang Group to verify the matter. Zhou Feng, the executive vice-minister of the Technology Department of the enterprise, admitted that they did distribute old-age machines to employees, but did not charge for them, and only required them to use them during work.

Our department is mainly engaged in technology transformation communication and production services related work. There are many equipment in the front-line workshop. If employees are distracted, they are prone to safety problems. Zhou Feng introduced that in addition to safety issues, employees of the technical department will be exposed to the technical patents of enterprises in their daily work. In view of the safety in production and technical confidentiality, they have distributed 110 front-line employees of the Department with old people who can only answer calls and send text messages.

According to Zhou Feng, since the distribution of elderly machines is the decision of the Ministry of Technology, it has not been reported to the group, and the money for purchasing mobile phones is shared by five heads of the department, which costs more than 6,000 yuan altogether. Zhou Feng also said that as long as employees are required to use the elderly machine during work, they can still use their mobile phones after work. Store smartphones in designated locations at work, and then take them away after work.

Sales slip for purchasing mobile phones ___________

Subsequently, a staff member of the technical department of Jinchuang Group confirmed the above statement to reporters. According to him, the old mans machine is equivalent to a walkie-talkie, only used during work.

Lawyer: Theres nothing wrong with banning smartphones at work

Despite the companys explanation, there are still some employees who believe that the company took away employeessmartphones during work, which infringes on the rights and interests of the owners.

In this regard, He Dong, a senior lawyer of Jiangsu Zhida Law Firm, believes that the enterprise, based on security and confidentiality considerations, has formulated rules and regulations requiring employees not to use smartphones during work and to collect and preserve them in a unified manner, which does not violate the law. At the time of formulating the regulations, the Technology Department of Jinchuang Group has allocated elderly machines to employees, which guarantees the communication rights of employees. As long as enterprises can keep employeesmobile phones scientifically and reasonably and do not violate personal privacy, there will be no legal problems.

Just like some business workshops prohibit smoking and require wearing protective clothing, these are reasonable regulations. He Dong believes that as long as the rules and regulations of enterprises do not violate the legal provisions, do not insult the personality of employees and do not infringe on the rights and interests of employees, there will be no problems.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Li Wan_B11284