The couple really dare to work for two minutes to produce a bottle of brand wine

 The couple really dare to work for two minutes to produce a bottle of brand wine

Rinse the bottle with tap water, label it, put the bottle on the filling machine. In tens of seconds, fill the bottle with sub-filled liquor. Then the machine caps and seals it. In about 2 minutes, a bottle of counterfeit brand liquor is produced.

On April 2, Beijing Shunyi Police investigated and dealt with over 1,000 packages of counterfeit brand liquor in a rental yard in Niulanshan Town, including 94 barrels of bulk liquor, one filling equipment, counterfeit labels of Maotai, Wuliangye, national cellar and other famous liquors, liquor bottles, wine boxes, bottle caps and certificates.

On March 12, when the police of Niulanshan Police Station patrolled to a large courtyard on the north side of Beijunying Village, they suddenly smelled a strong alcoholic smell. The police looked down the gate and found a small component factory. How could there be such a strong alcoholic smell in component factories? Civilian police feel that there are some faults in the factory. Through the investigation of the villagers around the factory, we know that there are not only workers, but also some social workers living in the factory. And from this year onwards, people passing there will smell a strong smell of alcohol. After knowing the situation, the police inferred that this might be a place to make fake wine, and immediately reported it to the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Branch of Shunyi Branch.

After the Investigation Brigade learned about this situation, it attached great importance to it and set up a special team to investigate it immediately. After more than half a months patrol visits, the police found that this is a fake dimple spot composed of husband and wife, husband is responsible for receiving orders and distribution, wife is responsible for filling fake liquor, and then send these fake liquor to major wholesale markets for sale.

On April 2, 2019, the police decided to arrest all the suspects immediately after they were found to be in the false nests. More than 94 barrels of bulk liquor were loaded in barrels on the spot, with one filling equipment, and more than 1,000 packages of counterfeit labels, bottles, wine boxes, bottle caps and certificates for Maotai, Wuliangye, National Cellar and other famous liquors.

After being questioned according to law, the suspect, Tian Momou, a 43-year-old man from Sichuan Province (who was detained by Shunyi Police for faking registered trademarks) and Lin Momou, a 41-year-old woman (who was detained by Shunyi Police for faking registered trademarks) confessed to the fact of making and selling fake liquor.

According to the criminal suspect Tian Moumou, he does not have any skills, usually he can only earn money by soliciting customers to support himself. Recently, the cash is relatively tight, think about it or fake liquor profit is high, so they began to work old line.

At present, the suspects Tian and Linmou have been detained by Shunyi Public Security Bureau according to law for the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Author: Editor-in-Charge of Ye Wan: Xiao Qi_NN6799