Seven-year-old boy in detention: He ran three times and was caught back and kicked by a spade

 Seven-year-old boy in detention: He ran three times and was caught back and kicked by a spade

Eleven years later, when Tian Junjie, a young man in Anyang, Henan Province, was found by his family, he had changed from a white-haired 17-year-old when he left home to a black, thin and bald half-old man.

He claimed that he was illegally detained by Wang Yingjun, a village branch of Junwangzhuang Village in Botou City, Hebei Province, and beaten and scolded by his forced labor for seven years.

However, after they reported the case to the police in Botou, Hebei Province, the police refused to file the case.

On April 9, Tian Junjie (right) and his cousin went to Botou Public Security Bureau for questioning. Photographed by Tu/Luo Xiaolan

Escape three times

Black clothes, black sports shoes, the height of about 165 cm Tian Junjie looks thin and small. On April 9, he was interviewed by a reporter from China Newsweek in Botou.

In the past seven years, you have lived alone in the east of Junwangzhuang Village?

Yes, one person.

Why didnt you run?

I used to run three times, but I couldnt run out.

When was the last time you fled?

Its hot.

Which year do you remember?

I dont remember.

In which direction?

Just know how to run, dont know east, west, north and south. Where is the home, which Township I know, but which direction I do not know.

How long did you run?

Not clear.

Tian Junjie said that when he was working in the field, he ran away and did not know how long it took him to be overtaken by Wang Yingjun in a white van.

Grab back and hit my leg with such a thick spade. Tian Junjie used his thumbs and index fingers to form a circle about 45 centimeters in diameter. The spade was interrupted and hurt for a long time.

Tian Junjie said that because he was afraid of being beaten and Wang Yingjun threatened that he would be caught by the police when he went out without his ID card, he gradually stopped wanting to run.

Tian Junjie handled his ID card before leaving home in 2007, but he forgot to bring it when he went out to work. Graph / network

The change of Tian Junjies life trajectory originated from working with his cousin and husband in Tianjin in 2007. Near Tianjin Bus Station, he was dragged to a construction site by two people with their necks pinched. Later, he was taken to a brick kiln factory in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, where he met Wang Yingjuns wife.

Around 2010, Tian Junjie was brought back to work in his silk drawing factory by Wang Yingjun and his wife. After the factory closed down, he raised pigs and worked in the farm of Wang Mou*mou.

At that time, Tian Junjie lived a kilometer away from Wang Yings family. The house was surrounded by debris, beside which was a pigsty.

Every day I work very tired and eat poorly. Tian Junjie told China News Weekly that he ate noodles every day. Noodles were exchanged for corn. Wang Yingjun did not pay himself any salary. Not once.

In addition to unpaid work, he had to endure the scolding of Wang Yingjun. Smash your head, wipe your ears, kick your stomach, stomach, and stick.

When I saw him, my heart was thumping. Tian Junjie recalled. Tian Junjies cousin Tian Weihong also said that he dared not let his cousin go to the village to see Wang Yingjun.

No criminal facts

Tian Junjie lost in Tianjin, his family reported the case in Tianjin at that time, but there is no later article. People look for it everywhere, but they dont know its whereabouts.

On September 21, 2018, a mysterious phone call to Tian Junjie village revealed his traces.

Tian Junjies location was quickly found. Subsequently, Anyang police and Botou police cooperated to find Tian Junjie, who had been missing for 11 years, in a field east of Wang Yings Junjia village.

Tian Junjies rescue scene. Picture/New Beijing News We Video Screenshot

Its thin and small, smelly and worn out. Tian Weihong described Tian Junjie at that time.

I dont remember. I havent seen it. According to videos circulated online, Tian Junjie could not recognize his cousin Tian Weihong in the face of sudden rescue.

On December 21, 2018, Tian Junjie and his family reported the case to Hebei police, demanding that Wang Yingjun be prosecuted for the crimes of illegal detention, forced labor and intentional injury.

But Wang Yingjun and his wife said they had taken in Tian Junjie and paid him hundreds of yuan a month, never beating him.

When I saw his pity, I took him home. Its too late for us to hurt him, Wang Yingjun and his wife said in an interview with the Beijing News.

Some villagers and workers told the media that Tian Junjie and Wang Yingjuns family had a good relationship, and he called them uncle and aunt. Tian Junjie also told him that his uncle and aunt were very kind to him and he didnt want to go home. When the silk drawing factory pays its salary every month, Tian Junjie will also collect money together.

On March 13, 2019, the Public Security Bureau of Botou City, Hebei Province, issued a notice not to file a case, believing that there is no criminal fact, no need to investigate criminal responsibility.

Botou Municipal Public Security Bureau will not give notice of filing a case. Figure/Respondent Provided

Never been paid

Not telling the truth at all! Open your eyes and tell lies! Tian Weihong, a cousin, was very angry about this.

On April 7, Tian Bing, the captain of the Fifth Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Botou Public Security Bureau, told the Beijing News that the reason why the case was not filed was that Tian Junjie was able to enter and leave the village and villages freely by himself during his stay in the village. Wages for working hours in wire drawing mills are normally paid. Since 2015, there has been a mobile phone, there has been no arrears, can normal contact with the outside world.

Tian Junjie told China News Weekly that he had never received Wang Yingjuns salary. Wang Yingjun said that the 3,600 Yuan found under his bedding was false, and he was sure not to hide the money under it.

Police said Wang Yingjuns family transport vehicles, including trucks, tractors and electric tricycles, were stored in Tian Junjies residence and the keys were in his charge. No way, without it, Im sure not. Tian Junjie said that Wang Yingjun said that he took the 3,000 yuan he gave and that it was also false to drive to town to buy fertilizer.

He said he did have a mobile phone and was not in arrears. But he is not like Wang Yingjun said that he can play games and download songs, he can only answer the phone, do not remember the family phone number, also do not know what 110 is for.

In addition, Tian Junjie told China News Weekly that he had told villagers that he wanted to go home, and had never said that he had a good relationship with Wang Yingjun and his wife.

Tian Weihong said that after the incident, Wang Yingjun and his wife had not contacted Tian Junjie.

On April 4, Hebei police responded that the Cangzhou Public Security Bureau sent an investigation team composed of discipline inspection, supervision, legal system, criminal investigation and public security departments to Cangzhou to carry out the investigation. At the request of the masses, the Botou Peoples Procuratorate has initiated the supervision procedure for filing cases.

Reporters of China Newsweek dialed Wang Yingjuns telephone many times and sent short messages to show the intention of the interview, but the phone was not answered and the short messages were not answered. Botou Public Security Bureau did not comment.

Our family has suffered for so many years, Wang Yingjun should be punished by law, criminal sanctions! We have never mentioned what we want, nor civil compensation. Tian Weihong told China News Weekly reporter.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of China Newsweek