Hundreds of courtship calls by men to married female teachers

 Hundreds of courtship calls by men to married female teachers

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Hundreds of times a day when men blocked school doors to woo female teachers, the harassment finally broke out (Source: ~)

Speaking of courtship, it is estimated that the first thing you think about is romance, but not all courtship is romantic, the wrong way may backfire, and even cause serious consequences. Recently, a female teacher in Xian met a man who made hundreds of courtship calls. As a result, the female teacher had to call the police for help.

At 9:00 p.m. on April 4, the police station of Xiaozhai Road in Xian received an alarm from a female teacher who said she had been harassed for a long time. The police who rushed to the scene saw that many students were surrounded by the entrance of a middle school. The female teacher who had reported to the police was in a standoff with a young man.

Who and what behavior made the woman teacher so panicked that she even called the police?

After police investigation, Zhang Mou, a man who harassed female teachers, had studied with the female teacher in a university in Jilin. During the University period, the female teacher had been a member of the student union and had taken care of Zhang Mou, who was in a bad family.

After graduation, everyone rushed to different places, Zhang Mou went to a school in Hangzhou to teach, but his love for the female student of the Student Union increased. Although he knew that the other party would pull him to black, he still sent messages to express his love. In 2018, Zhang Mou inadvertently learned that the female student was teaching in Xian, so he began to pursue endlessly.

The female teacher repeatedly explained that she was married, but Zhang couldnt listen to her. Zhangs behavior also caused public anger in the school classroom and students.

After questioning by the police, Zhang also admitted these acts.

Zhang Mous behavior has seriously affected the normal life and work of female teachers. According to article 26, paragraph 2, of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, the police have given Zhang Mou an administrative detention penalty of 10 days for provoking trouble.

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