A 72-year-old boyfriend with a new lover, a 30-year-old woman, was sentenced to blackmail with sexy photos

 A 72-year-old boyfriend with a new lover, a 30-year-old woman, was sentenced to blackmail with sexy photos

Girlfriend Qin Fang Shanghai Rule of Law Newspaper

Qin Fang, 30, found out that her 72-year-old boyfriend had a new lover and blackmailed each other with their gorgeous photos.

On April 10, Peng Meis journalist learned from the Peoples Procuratorate of Qingpu District, Shanghai that a few days ago, after being prosecuted by the procuratorate, Qin Fang was sentenced to 9 monthsimprisonment for extortion and a fine of 8,000 yuan.

According to the prosecution, Jiang Haitao, 72, who came to Shanghai from other places, added Qin Fang, a woman nicknamed Rose as a friend in November 2017 through Shake a Shake. Jiang Haitao asked Qin Fang to meet at his home and suggested having sexual relations. After being rejected, they broke up and deleted their friends.

In March 2018, the application of Jiang Haitaos friend appeared again on Qin Fangweis letter. This time, Jiang Haitao sent a recruitment message. Originally, Jiang Haitao is an assistant general manager of an insurance company, and also works as an insurance salesman. Qin Fang is also looking for a job. This recruitment information is in the right place, so they talked again.

A few days later, Qin Fang and Jiang Haitao met again in the name of consulting recruitment information. Qin Fang saw that Jiang Haitao could really help her get the job. When Jiang Haitao once again suggested having sex, she agreed. On the same day, Jiang Haitao submitted the registration form for Qin Fang.

A week later, Jiang Haitao helped Qin Fang run around, giving gifts and enrolling in pre-job training classes. Qin Fang sees Jiang Haitao so gentle and considerate, and often gives her red envelopes to buy things, and her heart gradually falls.

After the second sexual relationship, Qin Fang took a gorgeous photo with Jiang Haitao. Jiang Haitao asked her to delete it after she found it, but Qin Fang kept one quietly.

At the beginning of April 2018, Qin Fangs work had not been finalized for various reasons. Jiang Haitao introduced Qin Fang another chance to try, but Qin Fang refused to go. Qin Fangs negative attitude made Jiang Haitao angry and they quarreled. What made Qin Fang angry was that she found Jiang Haitao had a new lover.

Qin Fang feels that she cant just let her feelings be cheated and her work fail. On April 7, 2018, Qin Fang sent a message to Jiang Haitao in the name of her husband, saying that his wifes extramarital affairs had been discovered by himself, and that he wanted to show Jiang Haitao some color. At the same time, Qin Fang called Jiang Haitao: My husband found out about us, he will go to your company to make trouble, unless you can compensate 30,000 yuan.

Jiang Haitao believed it. When he met, besides Qin Fang, there was a strange strong man present. Qin Fang introduced her hometown Li Shuang. Deepened by Li Shuangs threats, Jiang Haitao finally signed an IOU of 20,000 yuan and promised Qin Fang 5,000 yuan in five days.

The five-day deadline soon arrived. On April 13, 2018, Jiang Haitao invited Qin Fang to meet. Qin Fang and Li Shuang went together. Jiang Haitao took out the envelope containing 5000 yuan of cash and handed it to Qin Fang. Qin Fang accepted the money and reminded Jiang Haitao to give the rest in time. No, Qin Fang and Li Shuang were handcuffed by the police just after they left the shop. Originally, Jiang Haitao had called the police the day before he agreed to pay the money.

A few days ago, Qin Fang was sentenced to nine monthsimprisonment and a fine of 8,000 yuan for extortion after being tried by Qingpu Procuratorate. Li Shuang was sentenced to one years imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 yuan.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284