Apologize to the Social Security Bureau for the Restoration of the Dead Old Women in Hebei Province

 Apologize to the Social Security Bureau for the Restoration of the Dead Old Women in Hebei Province

Beijing News today (April 10) afternoon, Xinjing News reporter from the Lingshou County Committee Propaganda Department learned that the previous report of an old woman in Lingshou, Hebei Province, was killed by the seller of two years of social security has not been restored. At present, the information of a social security system in Yinmou has been restored, and pensions for urban and rural residents have been issued before 15:00 today. County Public Security Bureau, County Peoples Social Bureau and Ciyu Town have made sincere apologies to Yin Mou and his family, and obtained the recognition of the parties and their families.

On April 9, 2019, after publishing the article An Old Woman in Lingshou, Hebei Province has not been restored to social security for two years on the website of Beijing News, the Lingshou County Committee and the county government attached great importance to it. Song Cunhan, the Secretary of the county Party committee, immediately gave instructions, demanding that an investigation team be set up promptly to verify and sincerely accept media supervision, and promptly rectify and rectify the situation. After verification, the relevant personnel should be held accountable. u201d Feng Suwei, the county governor, and the Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, held dispatching meetings in Yanhong to organize relevant departments such as the county public security bureau, the county peoples and social Bureau and Ciyu Town to investigate and verify the contents of the reports and quickly deal with the existing problems.

I. The cancellation of a household registration in Yinmou

In August 2017, Ciyu Institute of Lingshou County Public Security Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of its superiors, verified the suspected dead unregistered household personnel in its jurisdiction. Yin Moumou was one of them. On November 17, 2017, the household registration police cancelled the household registration according to the relevant procedures. In February 2018, the relatives of the parties found out the situation and reported it to Ciyu police station. After the household registration police confirmed that Yin Moujian was in good condition, they immediately corrected and supplemented his household registration.

2. Unnormal distribution of social security in Yinmou

Since the start of the pension insurance for urban and rural residents in 2011, Yin Mou-mous pension insurance benefits have been issued normally. In April 2018, superiors and subordinates issued information about Yin Mou-mou in the list of suspected dead persons. In April, Township social security stations were arranged to implement the plan. After verification by villages, they were still alive. On June 29, they issued certificates from villages and police stations. The Social Security Bureau resumed the payment of their benefits in July and received the same month. Subordinate to the list of suspected deaths, there is also Yin Mou-mous information, arranged for the village to verify again, the recovery procedures have not been reported. According to the rules for the management of pension insurance for urban and rural residents in Hebei Province, the Social Security Bureau suspended its pension insurance treatment in September. On March 29, 2019, the Social Security Bureau received a certificate of recovery from a township report to Yinmou. The information of the system was restored on April 9, and it could be issued normally before 3 p.m. on April 10.

This problem is mainly due to the imprecise and meticulous work style of the relevant staff of public security and social security departments, inadequate communication and coordination between departments and departments, departments and higher-level units, resulting in inconsistencies between the actual situation and the system information, making Yin Mou repeatedly listed on the suspected death list, which has an impact on the partiestimely application for pensions for urban and rural residents. u3002 Next, in accordance with the instructions of the main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government, and taking this as a warning, we will organize the departments of towns and counties directly under the county level to carry out a thorough investigation and rectification of the implementation of policies in the field of livelihood security. We will make a careful search for the existing problems and loopholes in the work, ensure the implementation of various policies for the benefit of the people, and effectively guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the people in the county. Departments such as county peoples and social bureaus and county health bureaus should improve information coordination and communication mechanism to ensure information sharing. According to the investigation, the accountability mechanism should be initiated to hold relevant staff accountable.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Kou Jiaxiang, responsible editor of Wang Ruiwen: Xiao Qi_NN6799