The US sent inspectors to the US-Mexico border to cause massive traffic jams

 The US sent inspectors to the US-Mexico border to cause massive traffic jams

A row of trucks in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, are waiting for border checks (source: foreign media)

Overseas Network, April 10 (OOCN) -- In recent months, more and more Central American immigrants have arrived at the border, causing the United States Federal Government to be overwhelmed and dispatched a large number of inspectors to conduct strict inspections on the border between the United States and Mexico. Vehicles lined up for inspection in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, near Texas, Wednesday, local time. Many truck drivers queue for hours, sometimes even days, at border crossings.

According to Fox News, citing the Mexican newspaper Ciudad Juarez, border inspections have become more stringent, causing great inconvenience to truck drivers and tourists. For this reason, portable toilets were introduced in Ciudad Juarez for the use of queues, as well as rolls and bottled water. Jaime Monroy, a truck driver living in Ciudad Juarez, said, I leave at 3 a.m. and I wont be back until 10 p.m. Many businessmen are also beginning to lose patience because it is difficult for them to deliver their products to the United States.

Jerry Pacheco, president of the American Border Industries Association and executive director of the International Business Accelerator, said he was worried about the companys prospects. Many companies have truck drivers sleeping in their cars to keep them in line. Our company is growing, job opportunities are increasing, and everything is fine. But who would have thought it would be so difficult to enter the country?

Kevin McAleenan was appointed Acting Minister of Homeland Security on July 7. In March, he announced in El Paso, the United States, that border inspectors would be reassigned and that as many as 2,000 inspectors might be evacuated from entry ports.

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