Long applause erupted on the spot twice after the adoption of the Sino-European Joint Statement.

 Long applause erupted on the spot twice after the adoption of the Sino-European Joint Statement.

According to a Chinese official who participated in the meeting, there was a long applause on the venue after the formal adoption of the Joint Statement of the 21st China-EU LeadersMeeting. Premier Li Keqiang then responded positively to the proposal of European Commission Chairman Juncker and applauded the excellent negotiation of the two sidesworking teams for more than 50 hours. The meeting was followed by another long applause.

Li Keqiang later said in a joint interview with reporters: On the basis of mutual respect, equal consultation and in-depth discussion, China and the EU have reached a fruitful joint statement. Just now, President Juncker said during the meeting that the two teams had conducted more than 50 hours of in-depth discussions and finally reached an agreement. Because this joint statement is not a general statement document, but a clear direction for China and Europe to work together in the next stage. It is a rich and fruitful document.

Tusk, President of the European Council, said: In the current complex international situation, the EU-China negotiation reached this joint statement, which is the result of our joint efforts and our common victory.

The position of the EU is very clear: we have confidence in China, we have confidence in China-EU relations, and we are willing to work hand in hand, said European Commission President Juncker.

Li Keqiang: A more open China is waiting for you.

Just before Prime Minister Li Keqiang arrived in Brussels, some international media made pessimistic predictions about whether the meeting could reach a joint statement. Some even made clear predictions that the differences between China and the EU were prominent and that the joint statement might not be reached. After the announcement of the Sino-European Joint Statement, several international media reported it as a breakthrough for the first time.

Li Keqiang emphasized in his meeting with reporters: The common interests between China and Europe far outweigh the differences. When common interests expand, differences narrow. This is not only good for both sides, but also good for the world.

In the afternoon, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and EU leaders held intensive small-scale talks, working luncheons, formal meetings, signing ceremonies and interviews with journalists.

Premier Li Keqiang said at the press conference that the China-EU Leadersmeeting had achieved fruitful results and reached the following consensus: First, the two sides expressed their firm commitment to safeguarding multilateralism and free trade, respecting the basic norms of international law and international relations with the United Nations as the core, upholding the Charter of the United Nations and firmly supporting multilateral trading bodies with rules as the basis and the World Trade Organization as the core. Second, the two sides expressed their commitment to promote the decisive progress needed to conclude the negotiations within this year and to reach a high-level Sino-European investment agreement next year. Third, the two sides pledged to give each other wider, more convenient and non-discriminatory market access. Fourth, the two sides welcomed the Sino-European Geographical Indicators Association. Preliminary agreement was reached on the negotiations and a commitment was made to formally conclude the negotiations by the end of this year. In addition, China and the EU have reached important consensus on a series of issues, such as strengthening cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, government procurement, the principle of agricultural trade zoning, and strengthening interconnection.

Li Keqiang said: The joint statement adopted by the two sides will not only bring significant development opportunities to enterprises, but also further enhance the peoples livelihood and well-being of the two peoples.

He stressed: The consensus reached at this meeting, including the joint statement, should betrustworthy and fruitful. It is hoped that China-EU relations will bring more positive information in the current complex situation of the world. This will not only help the world economy develop towards recovery, but also contribute to regional stability and world peace.

In response to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists, Li Keqiang said that an important part of the joint statement was that China and Europe agreed to create a fair business environment, and both sides should adopt the principle of non-discrimination against each others enterprises. China will continue to expand its openness. In June this year, it will further reduce the negative list of foreign investment access, adopt the principle of no-ban-access, optimize the business environment and provide equal services and facilities for foreign-funded enterprises.

We welcome enterprises from all over the world, including European enterprises, to seize the opportunity to invest and start businesses in China. A more open China is waiting for you all, Li said.

President Tusk of the European Council: This is the result of our joint efforts and our common victory.

At the previous meeting, EU leaders said that the joint statement was a win-win and mutually beneficial common achievement of both sides and showed that China-EU relations have made new positive progress. The European side is willing to work with China to implement the consensus of the meeting and promote more achievements in EU-China relations.

Especially in the current complex international situation, the EU-China negotiation has reached a joint statement, which is the result of our joint efforts and our common victory. Tusk said in a subsequent interview with reporters.

It is very necessary for the EU and China to maintain international trade volume and jointly safeguard the rule-based international trading system. To quote the Joint Statement, the two sides reiterate their joint commitment to WTO reform and cooperation to ensure its relevance and to meet global trade challenges, Tusk said. For this reason, both sides are willing to continue communication and consultation, which is a great breakthrough.

I am very glad that we have reached an agreement with our important partner, China, Tusk said.

European Commission Chairman Juncker: The EUs position is very clear. We have confidence in China. We have confidence in China-EU relations. We are willing to work hand in hand.

European Commission President Juncker also updated his Twitter after meeting with reporters: We will face the challenges together with honesty and determination, and the EU and China are confident in our partnership. We will work hand in hand to safeguard our values and interests with confidence.

Following this tweet, Juncker also attached a link to the China-EU Joint Statement and distributed five pictures of the event with Premier Li Keqiang that day.

In todays world, the partnership between the EU and China is of unprecedented importance. We need to work together to meet various challenges and build a safer, stronger and more prosperous world. As close partners, Europe and China can exchange and communicate openly and openly, Juncker said during a meeting with reporters. This atmosphere is manifested everywhere in the joint statement of the two sides, which took more than 50 hours to negotiate.

Juncker said that the EU is Chinas largest trading partner and China is the second largest trading partner of the EU. In the future, the EU and China will continue to strengthen cooperation, establish a fair business environment, continue to strengthen mutual investment and solve the problem of mutual market access.

The position of the EU is very clear. We have confidence in China, in China-EU relations, and we are willing to work hand in hand. Junker said.

When the moderator announced the end of the meeting, EU leaders and Chinese Prime Minister clapped and shook hands with each other.